• Offers high-availability (HA) configurations to support monitoring environments
  • Available in "fail closed" mode for greater convenience with optional "fail open" mode
  • Features a managed interface accessible through a secure, dedicated management port
  • IFCCM: Compatible with Keysight's centralized iBypass switch management tool
  • Industry's fastest heartbeat to detect and react to failures faster and failover with less data loss
  • Accepts four hot-pluggable DBMs that can also be configured as an HA failover pair
  • Handles network traffic entirely in hardware, so data flowing through inline links can never be hacked or compromised

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A New Level of High-Density Bypass Switches

Problem: More Appliances = More Room for Failure

To keep their networks secure, organizations are increasingly relying on inline monitoring appliances such as intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), Web application optimization devices, and firewalls.

The more inline network security appliances you add, however, the more single points of failure you introduce to your network. That’s because if an appliance fails, traffic can no longer flow through that particular link.

Bypass switches can help by providing a fail-safe path for network traffic when deployed inline with these monitoring appliances for high network resilience and availability.

Solution: Confidence in Keeping Network Traffic Flowing

A new level of high-density bypass switch available for inline network security appliances, Keysight's iBypass HD stands out for a number of reasons. First, iBypass HD supports two to eight segments, with each segment operating independently to ensure link protection.

You can connect and remove appliances without affecting traffic through the links or the performance of other segments.

A modular design ensures that the iBypass HD chassis can accept four hot-pluggable dual bypass modules (DBMs), each one providing two independent bypass switches for greater support and deployment flexibility. And, in the event of a tool failure, iBypass HD automatically switches to “bypass on” mode. This enables network traffic to continue flowing, sometimes configured to take an alternate path to route to backup monitoring tools like an IPS, for example.

iBypass HD Screen shot

The iBypass HD has an easy to use GUI which simplifies set up and simply displays the status of the multiple bypass switches.


100G Fiber
10G Fiber
1G Copper
1G Fiber
40G Fiber
Easy to use with GUI
100G Fiber
10G Fiber
1G Copper
1G Fiber
40G Fiber
Easy to use with GUI
100G Fiber:
10G Fiber:
1G Copper:
1G Fiber:
40G Fiber:
Easy to use with GUI:
High Availability:
Link Fault Detect:
Max Number of Monitor Ports:
Max Number of Network Ports:
Max number of units in 1U:
Media Type:
Copper RJ45 Ports; Fiber SFP Ports
Media conversion on Network Ports:
Modular Design:
Copper module 10/100/1000Mbps or Fiber module 1GE (single or multimode)

Key Features

Preconfigured Heartbeats

Preconfigured to work with security tools through a single click, reducing setup times and eliminating potential errors during deployment. Ixia is the only bypass switch vendor with preset, integrated security tool heartbeats built into the user interface. The total number of heartbeat retries and their frequency can be fully configured.

High Density

High-density 1G bypass switch, supporting up to 8 x 1G bypass switches in 1U. This maximizes valuable data center real estate, reducing rack cost for large-scale deployments.

Link Fault Detect (LFD)

An option to mirror the status of network links across the device. Ensures that network link failures are readily detected by communications equipment connected to the iBypass HD.

Media Choice

Modular basis allows support of a mix of Copper, and Fiber (1Gbps) networks and tools.

RMON Statistics

For utilization, total bytes, total packets, jumbo packets, and CRC errors.


SNMP V1, V2 and V3 are supported to allow integration with 3rd party network management and ticketing systems.

TAP Mode

iBypass HD can operate each segment in tap mode — allowing the switch to passively monitor a network link without putting the security tool “Inline”.


Support for AAA servers for additional security.

Redundant or Active/Standby Tool Support

Manage multiple or redundant security tools in a single device, which is critical for more resilient architectures and required by many organizations.

Central Management Support

Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC) Centralized Manager, the only central management tool for bypass switches, simplifies and speeds iBypass HD configuration and management of tens to hundreds of devices. This is a necessary requirement for any large-scale deployment and is available for all Keysight iBypass switches.

8 segment 10/100/1000Mbps HA bypass switch

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