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SL1002A Battery Test System Cell Level 600 A


SL1002A Scienlab Battery Test System

Cell Level – 600 A 

Scienlab Battery Test System – Cell Level

Systems up to 6 V | 600 A | 3.6 kW per channel

The SL1002A is a capable cell tester with 0.05% accuracy and the ability to characterize cells: internal resistance, mechanical resistance, efficiency, capacity, cyclical life, and calendar life spans. Record the reaction to temperature with up to three temperature inputs per channel. The SL1002A is easy to configure; start by selecting one of three max currents for your cell and then choose the number of desired channels. Minimize energy costs with the environmentally friendly SL1002A, which offers greater than 90% efficiency, and a bidirectional power supply that returns energy to the power mains.

  • Modular configuration – Adapt the number of channels to changing requirements.
  • Scienlab Energy Storage Discover (ESD) Software – Easily control and monitor the system, including the climate chambers and devices under test (DUTs).
  • Compact size – Save valuable laboratory space.
  • Optional integrated electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) – Add EIS measurements directly into the test processes on any channel without changing the DUT contact.
  • Flexible channels – Perform the same or different tests on each channel.

Measurement and control unit with real-time Linux PC

  • Measurement and Control Unit (MCU) – Linux real-time PC t
  • Autonomous sequence control
  • Capture and store data acquisition measurement
  • Communication interface: Ethernet 
  • Inherent safety
  • Inherent safety against overheating, overcapacity, short circuit and idling.
  • Protection against reverse polarity by checking the polarity before output contactors can be closed.
  • No hardware protection against reverse polarity.
  • Monitoring of all internal voltages, currents and temperatures.
  • DC output contactors capable to disconnect DUT at full load current

Manual parallel operation

  • Manual parallel operation of up to six output stages possible
  • Output contacts including sense circuit have to be interconnected by the customer


  • Director/follower definition via control software Energy Storage Discover (ESD)
  • Protection type IP 54
  • Ambient temperature: 10 to 40 °C
  • Air humidity: 30 to 75% rel. H.
  • Sound pressure level according to DIN EN 3744 < 70 dB(A) measured at 1 m distance from front

SL1079A-CM2 Automated parallel connection of two channels

  • Detection of the automatic parallel connection of two channels of each battery test bench about the state of the cross-contact.
  • Automatic monitoring of the current and voltage limits of the respective director of the redundant measurement in parallel operation.
  • Automatic totals of the individual flows of the redundant measurement for the correct monitoring of the current limits in parallel operation.
  • Integration of standard input signals “status cross-contact channel x”.

Note: Requires “option automatic parallel connection” in the Battery test system as well as option “option integration redundant current and voltage measurement”. The power leads between the test system and the DUT must be designed for double the output current. Connecting two channels in parallel has no effect on the voltage accuracy. The offset of the current accuracy is multiplied by two. The error of the measured value [%] is not affected



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