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SL1091A Energy Storage Discover


SL1091A Scienlab Energy Storage Discover

Test and control software

SL1091A Energy Storage Discover Software

Successfully developing and manufacturing batteries requires a software environment for performing comprehensive tests that provide actionable insights. Test software needs to be mature, stable, and intuitive, allowing users to conduct tests that deliver concrete and reproducible test results.

Scienlab Energy Storage Discover (ESD) is the software solution for satisfying these complex and comprehensive test procedures. We continually discuss advances in battery technology with our customers and update our software to address the latest industry trends and their associated test challenges. 

Get started quickly

Start making measurements today! Each “program” is a list of step-by-step instructions that mirror a manual process. More complex tasks can be split into simpler pieces using subroutines, variables, and battery models.

  • Debug offline using a simulation environment.
  • Connect quickly to battery test system via Ethernet
  • Install a simple single license per workstation.

Adopt to current processes

ESD controls your test system and can monitor and control external devices like thermal chambers, valves and pumps. ESD can be controlled by an over-arching test manager using WCF, REST, and XML technologies.

  • Learn once, ESD controls all Keysight Scienlab cell, battery, and pack test systems.
  • Control and monitor temperature chambers, and safety equipment using Scienlab Measurement and Control Modules (MCMs).
  • Manage laboratory components and ESD tests with the help of PathWave Lab Operations for Battery Test.

Gain insights quickly

Monitor key voltages and currents before you start your test. Once you start your test, view each step along with critical voltages and currents. Tests can be paused, stopped, and restarted. Once a test is complete review the results in tables and graphs.

  • Analyze results with tables and graphs.
  • Correlate measurement and environmental data.
  • Export results in common formats including Matlab. 

SL1007A Scienlab Battery Cell Test System

Accelerate lab throughput with fast, accurate testing of up to 64 cells using the SL1007A battery cell test system (25 to 1600 A). Our purpose-built Energy Storage Discover software helps you automate common compliance, load, and endurance tests. The system hardware provides excellent accuracy, ensuring precise capacity, efficiency, internal resistance, and cell lifespan measurements. The high-resolution dynamic output produces a realistic power profile, for example, emulating EV driving to characterize cell behavior and performance. 

Software to Control Your Battery Test Lab

Keysight provides battery test system software that starts with Scienlab Energy Storage Discover to control your individual battery test systems such as the SL1700A Series and extends to PathWave Lab Operations for Battery Test to manage and coordinate your entire battery testing laboratory with multiple systems used to test cells, modules, and battery packs.

EP1150A PathWave Lab Operations for Battery Test

PathWave Lab Operations for Battery Test enables efficient planning and coordination of your entire battery test laboratory. It manages all resources, including test facilities, test systems, and your test objects or devices under test (DUTs). PathWave Lab Operations for Battery Test provides an integrated, web-based lab management platform that helps you modernize your test workflows, eliminating legacy paper-based processes, and increasing data integrity and traceability.



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