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U3606B Multimeter I DC Power Supply



  • Combination of a 5.5 digit digital multimeter and 30-W power supply in a single unit
  • 10 DMM measurements, including 4-wire miliohm measurement
  • 8 built-in math functions
  • OVP and OCP for load protection
  • Ramp and scan function, and built in square-wave output
  • USB 2.0 interface and GPIB connectivity
  • Kensington lock slot for security

Convenient two instruments in one box

Looking for a one-box source-and-measure device to meet your measurement needs? The Keysight Technologies U3606B Multimeter | DC Power supply is a full-featured 5.5 digit digital multimeter (DMM) that comes with a built-in 30-W power supply offering a compact footprint enabling you to get work done faster and easier. Being capable of powering up the DUT while measures Voltage and Current simultaneously, it enables users to perform two test functions within the same unit.

The U3606B is carefully thought out for your convenience and ease when operating. The convenient two-instruments-in-a-box concept is space and cost efficient, as less space is needed to accommodate one device instead of two. Also, the U3606B is lightweight enabling easy portability — lighter than both DMM and power supply combined, making it ideal for various industry such as education, commercial electronics, semiconductors, sensors and research and development.

Sweep function (Ramp and scan)

Ramp and scan functions are mainly used to simplify device characterization for multilevel DC bias testing such as DC motor testing, transistor gain test, relay control and margin tests. Users have the choice to either manually perform quick verification testing through front panel or control operations remotely using simplified programming codes. Both functions are conveniently configurable via front panel to sweep up to 100 steps for scan and 10,000 steps for ramp, programmable up to 105% full scale.

Added Safety Features – With OVP, OCP and Physical lock security

Safety features in test instruments are always an added advantage. It does not only protect users from exposure to current, but also the additional costs incurred to their investment (DUT). Our U3606B is integrated with an array of security features such as over-voltage (OVP) and over-current (OCP) protection to mitigate these risks. Additionally, security feature such as Kensington lock slot strategically located at the rear of the unit secures your instrument from the risk of theft or misplacement when left unattended.

Square wave output

Square wave output is a unique function for many applications such as pulse-with modulation (PWM) output, adjustable voltage control, and synchronous clock. Users are able to check and calibrate flow-meter displays, tachometers, LED, sensors, oscilloscopes, frequency converters, frequency transmitters and other frequency input devices. The U3606B’s square wave output provides selectable frequencies up to 4.8 kHz with variable duty cycles and amplitudes.

More flexibility, more accuracy

Multiple connectivity options such as GPIB port and USB 2.0 provides more flexibility and robust connection between PC and U3606B Multimeter | DC Power supply. Users are able to connect the device directly to the PC host and work seamlessly with the Keysight Connectivity software or controlled remotely via standard SCPI commands. With two instruments in a single test box, less cable is required for troubleshooting providing better maintenance and wire management — essential for rack mount usage. U3606B also comes with 4-wire milliohm resistance measurement providing more accurate readings for device characterization as compared to the conventional 2-wire resistance measurement.

Safety considerations

The U3606B is a safety class I instrument, which means it has a protective earth terminal. The terminal must be connected to an earth ground through a power source with a 3-wire ground receptacle.

The DC power supply performance specifications are listed in the following pages. Specifications are warranted in the temperature range of 0 to 55 °C with a fix resistive load. Supplemental characteristics — which are not warranted but are descriptions of performance — are determined either by design or testing.



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