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Advanced Power System N6900 and N7900 Series Power Supplies


Introducing the Keysight Technologies' Advanced Power System (APS) 1 kW and 2 kW system power supplies, the ultimate solution for advanced ATE power testing. Equipped with VersaPower architecture, the APS family offers unparalleled performance and innovative features to tackle your toughest power test challenges.

Overcome your power test challenges with the Advanced Power System family

With the Keysight Technologies, Advanced Power System (APS) 1 kW and 2 kW system power supplies, you get a new level of power supply performance. The Advanced Power System (APS) family was designed with VersaPower architecture to help you overcome your toughest power test challenges by delivering industry-leading specifications and innovative features in an integrated solution for today’s advanced ATE power testing needs.

VersaPower architecture delivers the fastest, most accurate, integrated power system

  • Accelerate test-system throughput with industry-leading speed
  • Capture your DUT’s current profile with accurate measurements
  • Reduce your ATE development time and cost with highly integrated capabilities

Get lots of power in a small test-system footprint

Two power ranges deliver a large amount of power in a small test-system footprint:

  • 1 kW models have a 1U full-rack footprint
  • 2 kW models have a 2U full-rack footprint
  • Both power ranges have built-in paralleling capability up to 10 kW

Accelerate test throughput with industry-leading specifications

Shaving seconds or even milliseconds off a test time can lead to significant savings for high-volume manufacturers, making throughput gains a never-ending quest for test system designers. The APS is a valuable tool for increasing throughput. It provides a number of industry-leading specifications and innovative features that can help you achieve significant throughput gains in your testing. Some examples:

  • Industry-leading command processing time (<2 ms)
  • Fast up and down programming speeds (up to 500 μs)
  • Adjustable measurement times for optimum measurements in minimum time
  • Seamless ranging capability for fast current measurements without sacrificing accuracy
  • Output lists that allow you to step through timed or triggered voltage or current levels that can also generate triggers for tightly synchronized measurement

Accurately characterize your DUT’s power profile with advanced measurements

The APS provides simultaneous voltage and current measurement capabilities that deliver high accuracy and resolution. Make measurements using two main modes: averaged or digitized. In average mode, the APS delivers high-accuracy DMM-quality voltage and current measurements. The digitizing capability allows you to capture dynamic current or voltage profiles at much higher resolution than an oscilloscope.

  • Capture inrush current: APS provides an 18-bit current digitizer with a sample rate up to 200 kS/s, level triggers, and a current measurement range that is 2.25x as high as the max output current range of the power supply.
  • Accurately capture dynamic current profiles: APS has two current measurement ranges that allow it to measure micro-amps to amps. The APS uses seamless ranging technology to transition from one measurement range to the other without discontinuities in the output power or in measurement data (see Figure 1).
  • Accurately measure power storage and efficiency: In addition to high-accuracy voltage and current measurement capabilities, APS power supplies offer built-in power, peak power, amp-hour, and watt-hour calculations. These measurements help simplify your power efficiency and storage calculations.
  • Additional APS measurement capabilities:
  • Adjustable measurement intervals for both average and digitized measurements
  • External logging capability, which simplifies data logging in ATE software
  • Pre-, post-, and level-triggering for pinpointing exactly where and when to measure

Continuously source and sink current for power storage test applications

When operated as standalone units, APS power supplies can continuously sink up to 10% of their rated output current for an indefinite time. With the addition of APS N7909A power dissipater units, APS power supplies can continuously sink up to 100% of their rated output current. This means you can sink the power supply’s full rated output power for an indefinite time. Note that the two-quadrant sourcing and sinking capability of the DC power supply allows for continuous transitions between sourcing and sinking current without changing the power supply’s output characteristics or introducing any disruptive behavior. These capabilities make the APS an ideal solution for continuous source and sink testing needs in power storage applications. For more information on the APS N7909A, see page 12.

Smart triggering: Increase throughput, protect your DUT, and reduce test complexity

The APS’s smart triggering system provides trigger capabilities never before seen in a power supply. The APS’s smart triggering can accelerate your test throughput, better protect your DUT, and reduce the complexity of your test system. The smart triggering system includes all the basic triggering functionality you would expect in a system power supply, but it goes well beyond with capabilities such as:

  • Level triggering allows you to execute a trigger from five different APS measurement parameters: voltage, current, power, amp-hour, and watt-hour.
  • Logical triggering gives you the ability to create logical “and,” “or,” and “not” trigger expressions using various trigger conditions such as digital input pins, level triggers, status bits, and more.
  • Triggers can be used to transition through a list of voltage or current levels as well as through the points of a voltage or current waveform.
  • Triggers with precision delays can be sent out from the APS after a voltage or current level change/transient. These triggers can be used to signal another instrument in the test system to do something after a voltage or current change.

Track power events with a black box recorder

If you are testing expensive prototypes and a power-related problem damages or destroys your DUT, you need to figure out what went wrong to ensure it does not happen again. The APS’s optional N7908A black box recorder (BBR) overcomes this test challenge by creating a power event record inside the power supply. Much like an airplane flight data recorder, the APS black box recorder is always recording events. When the power supply is on, it is always running, recording power events and making measurements in non-volatile memory regardless of what the power supply is doing or how it is being used.

Examples of what it records:

  • Voltage (min, max, and avg), current (min, max, and avg), and power (min, max, and avg)
  • Trigger events
  • Status bits
  • Front panel and command events
  • User-defined tags



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