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U1230 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters



Retool your expectations with the new Keysight Technologies, Inc. U1230 Series Handheld DMMs — the first to combine a built-in LED flashlight, both audible and visual alerts, and non-contact AC voltage detection in one handheld.


Whether it is dark, noisy, or even dangerous, the U1230 Series handheld digital multimeters keep you equipped with features that anticipate worst-case scenarios. The ergonomically shaped handheld allows you to single-handedly illuminate the test area with a built-in flashlight while selecting the rotary dial's measurement functions. Vsense performs non-contact voltage detection while continuity detection is made easy with the audible beeper alert and flashing backlight display. With the U1230 Series, you work better in the conditions wherever you are.

Key Features:

• Built-in LED flashlight to illuminate test area

• Flashing backlight as additional visual alert during

• continuity tests in noisy environments

• Vsense to perform non-contact voltage detection

• Data logging capability (stores up to 10 readings)

• IR-to-USB connectivity to transfer data to PC for record

Ergonomically shaped with a built-in flashlight

Built for handheld users working in a poorly lit environment, the U1230 Series allows you to single-handedly illuminate your test area while making measurements with its easily activated built-in flashlight. Its ergonomic shape fits your hand, while the easily accessible rotary dial allows the selection of measurement functions.

Flashing backlight and beeping alert for continuity detection

The U1230 Series is built for continuity detection in dark and noisy environments. Its audible beep and flashing backlight display provide increased visual and audio alerts to indicate continuity.

Non-contact voltage detection with Vsense

Vsense is a unique feature found in the U1233A model that performs non-contact voltage detection. It delivers more safety while making measurements in dangerous working environments by avoiding contact with hot or live wires. Upon detecting voltage, it produces a unique combination of beeping alert and blinking LED light to make measurements more efficient – especially in a dark or noisy environment.



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