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InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series Oscilloscopes


Data Sheet

Want to Touch Operation and Additional Analysis Capabilities to Discover and Solve your problem?

See the InfiniiVision 3000G X-Series.

  • 8.5-inch capacitive touch display
  • Zone touch trigger capability
  • 100 MHz to 1 GHz DSO and MSO models
  • > 1,000,000 waveforms/sec
  • Standard segmented memory
  • Fully upgradable 7 instrument in 1
  • Digital channels (MSO)
  • Protocol analysis including new CAN-FD and SENT bus support
  • 20 MHz WaveGen with arbitrary waveform and modulation support
  • 3-digit digital voltmeter (DVM)
  • 5-digit counter/8-digit totalizer
  • Frequency Response Analyzer
  • N7020A Power Rail Probe and N2820A High Sensitivity Current Probe support
  • Standard time gated FFT feature

Eight additional standard features include:

  • Waveform & measurement histograms
  • Built-in waveform generator
  • I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, and USB PD trigger & decode
  • Mask limit testing or Measurement limit testing
  • Frequency response analysis (Bode plots)
  • Enhanced HDTV video analysis
  • LAN/VGA connectivity module

More Scope

The InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series offers entry-level price points to fit your budget with superior performance and optional capabilities that are not available in any other oscilloscope in its class. This Keysight Technologies, Inc. breakthrough technology delivers more scope for the same budget.

See More of your Signal, More of the Time

Largest display

Engineering for the best signal visibility starts with the largest display. Our 8.5‑inch WVGA display offers 50% more viewing area with 3.5 times the resolution (WVGA 800 x 480 versus 7-inch WQVGA 480 x 234).

Notice that the Keysight 2000 X-Series allows you to see more of your signals and captures the infrequent glitch that you are unable to see on other oscilloscopes in this class.

Fastest update rate

With Keysight-designed MegaZoom IV custom ASIC technology, the InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series family delivers up to 200,000 waveforms per second. With this speed you can see signal detail and infrequent anomalies more of the time.

How does Keysight do that?

Keysight-designed MegaZoom IV custom ASIC technology combines the capabilities of an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and WaveGen built-in function generator in a compact form factor at an affordable price. 4th generation MegaZoom technology enables the industry’s fastest waveform update rate with responsive deep memory acquisitions.

Do More with The Power of 5 Instruments In 1

Best-in-class oscilloscope

The InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series features Keysight’s patented MegaZoom IV smart memory technology that is always enabled and always responsive providing the industry’s fastest update rate at up to 200,000 waveforms per second, with no compromise if you turn on measurements or add digital channels.

In addition, the 2000 XSeries offers 25 automated measurements such as voltage, time, and frequency as well as 18 waveform math functions including add, subtract, multiply, divide, and FFT.

Industry’s first economy-class mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO)

The 2000 X-Series is the first instrument in its class to offer an integrated logic timing analyzer. Digital content is everywhere in today’s designs and with an additional 8 integrated digital timing channels, you now have up to 12 channels of time-correlated triggering, acquisition and viewing on the same instrument. Buy a 2 or 4 channel DSO and at any time, upgrade it yourself to a MSO with a license to turn on those integrated 8 digital timing channels.

Industry’s first WaveGen built-in 20 MHz function generator with a modulation capability

An industry first, the 2000 X-Series offers an integrated 20 MHz function generator, now available with the signal modulation capability. Ideal for educational or design labs where bench space and budget are at a premium, the integrated function generator provides stimulus output of sine, square, ramp, pulse, DC and noise waveforms to your device under test.

No need to buy a separate function generator when you can get one integrated in your new oscilloscope. Turn on WaveGen at any time by ordering the DSOX2WAVEGEN option and install the license yourself.



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