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USB Modular Products


The Keysight Technologies Inc. compact USB modular products are a series of mod­ules that are flexible to be used standalone or plugged into a compatible chassis to make synchronized measurements as a modular unit. Essential measurements can be made with a laptop PC and these modules through USB high-speed 2.0 connections. Through individual windows, the Keysight Measurement Manager (KMM) software provides a friendly soft front-panel interface for each of the modular products. This helps to perform quick configuration and measurement acquisition as well as flexible analysis of measured data.

Keysight U2781A USB Modular Product Chassis


  • Expansion of channels for each modular products
  • Multiple instrument synchronization
  • Internal and external 10 MHz reference clock
  • High-speed USB 2.0
  • SSI/Star trigger bus synchronization between external trigger source and modules


U2300A Series USB Modular Multifunction DAQ


  • High analog input sampling rate coverage of up to3 MSa/s for a single channel
  • High analog input up to 64 channels
  • High speed USB 2.0
  • Multifunction capabilities — analog input (AI), analog output (AO), digital input output (DIO), and counter

U2600A Series USB Modular Isolated Digital I/O


  • 64 opto-isolated lines that can meet demand up to 24 V
  • High speed USB 2.0
  • Isolation voltage of 1250 Vrms for protection from transient voltage spikes

U2500A Series USB Modular Simultaneous Sampling Multifunction DAQ


  • High analog input sampling rate coverage of up to2 MSa/s for a each channel
  • High speed USB 2.0
  • Simultaneous acquisition of multiple data points
  • Multifunction capabilities — analog input (AI), analog output (AO), digital input output (DIO), and counter

Signal ConditionerU2802A 31-Channel Thermocouple Input Device


  • 31 input channels that can be independently configured
  • Error detection for open thermocouple channels
  • Built-in isothermal construction on terminal block
  • Auto-zeroing function
  • Works with U2355A and U2356A USB modular DAQ

Optional Accessories


U2901A and U2902A terminal block and SCSI-II 68-pin connector with 1-meter/2-meter cable for U2300A Series and U2500A Series

U2903A and U2904A terminal block and SCSI-II 100-pin connector with 1-meter/2-meter cable for U2600A Series

U2701A/U2702A USB Modular Oscilloscope

  • High sampling rate up to 500 MSa/s, enables accurate measurement analysis
  • Up to 32 MB large memory
  • Fast fourier transfer (FFT) and waveform math functions enables easy waveform calculation

U2741A USB Modular Digital Multimeter (DMM)

  • Fast reading speed (up to 100 Sa/s)
  • Wide range of basic measurement functions, including frequency and temperature measurements

U2761A USB Modular Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • Direct digital synthesis (DDS) waveform generator
  • Pulse generator that can generate pulse signal as stimulus
  • Easy customization with Arbitrary Waveform Editor
  • Internal modulation capability simplifies test setup


U2722A/U2723A USB Modular Source Measure Unit

  • Four-quadrant source/measure operation
  • 16-bit resolution for all voltage and current ranges with high measurement sensitivity
  • High accuracy
  • Embedded test script (for U2723A)
  • IV Curve application support in Keysight Measurement Manager (for U2723A)
  • Faster rise/fall time (for U2723A)

U2751A USB Modular Switch Matrix

  • Minimal cross-talk of –30 dB at 45 MHz wide bandwidth
  • High bandwith at 45 MHz without terminal block
  • Capability to test up to four devices-under-test (DUTs)
  • Works with other Keysight instruments for multi-point testing

The Keysight USB modular products are equipped with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interfaces for easy setup, plug-and-play, and hot swappable connectivity. With the quick and easy USB connectivity, the USB modular products are simple enough for academic applications and yet robust and versatile enough for industrial

laboratory applications. Simplifying this further is the Keysight Measure­ment Manager software that offers a simple interface for quick setup, configuration, and measurement control.

Flexible Standalone or Modular Capability

The USB modular products are uniquely designed for the flexibility of functioning as a standalone or modular unit. You can reduce your startup cost by using the USB modular product as a standalone unit. On the other hand, using the USB modular product as a modular unit, you will be able to expand your application system — in terms of channel count and functionality — by slotting in various modular units into the U2781A.

Easy-to-use bundled software and the command logger function

The Keysight Measurement Manager application software provides you with a quick and easy means to configure and control your device without requiring any programming work. Simplifying this further is the command logger function offered in the Keysight Measurement Manager that allows capturing of configura­tion commands that can be easily converted to snippets of VEE code. Other supported languages are VB, C++, and C#.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Application Development Environments

The Keysight USB modular products are compatible with a wide range of application development environments. This minimizes the time that R&D and manufacturing engineers need to use the devices in different software environments.

Listed below are the popular development environments and tools with which the USB modular oscilloscope is compatible:

  • Keysight VEE and Keysight T&M Toolkit
  • Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, C/C++, and Visual Basic 6
  • LabVIEW
  • Microsoft .NET Framework


The Keysight U2781A USB modular product chassis is a high-performance 4U chassis that comes with a 200 W universal AC power supply and a built-in protection circuit. This portable chassis can house up to six Keysight USB

modular products. The U2781A targets a wide range of applications in both industrial and scientific environments in the research and development (R&D), design-validation, and manufacturing fields. The primary advantage of this chassis is its synchronization capability between modules. This can help you to lower your cost of testing and accelerate your test system integration and development.

The U2781A is equipped with an internal 10 MHz reference clock for each module slot. There are two temperature sensors to monitor the internal temperature and a built-in fan to maintain the internal temperature. The trigger bus enables the USB modular products to trigger signals to each other.


  • Internal and external 10 MHz reference clock
  • Simultaneous Synchronization Interface (SSI)
  • Star trigger
  • External trigger-in and trigger-out signals
  • Temperature and fan speed monitoring
  • Compatible with Hi-Speed
  • USB 2.0 and USBTMC-USB488 standards
  • Bundled software — Keysight Measurement Manager (KMM)
  • Rackmount kit available as an option



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