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P93xxB Streamline 系列向量網路分析儀(VNA)


Compact Form. Zero Compromise


Keysight Streamline Series VNA


The freedom of portable network analysis doesn’t have to mean a compromise in performance. P93xxB Series is an affordable vector network analyzer (VNA) which dramatically reduces your size of test. The VNA is packaged in a compact chassis and controlled by an external computer with powerful data processing capabilities and functionalities. P93xxB provides excellent performance in general-purpose network analysis for passive components. With software applications like enhanced time domain analysis with TDR and automatic fixture removal, you can easily characterize passive components with the same performance of a benchtop setup. Choose from 2-port P937xB models up to 44 GHz or 4-port P938xB models up to 20 GHz.

The Streamline Series VNA utilizes the same measurement science as other Keysight VNAs such as the PNA, ENA and PXI VNA. A common software platform makes it easy to choose the right level of performance to match budget and measurement needs. This commonality guarantees measurement consistency, repeatability, and a common remote-programming interface across multiple instruments in R&D and manufacturing.


Why choose P93xxB Streamline Series VNA?


• Most compact VNA for easy sharing between test locations

• Weights less than 2 kg (2-port models)

• Wide choice of frequency ranges up to 44 GHz

• Ability to extend the number of test ports (max 8-ports)

• Measurements, automate code compatibilities, calibration metrology and intuitive GUI are the same as trusted Keysight VNAs

• No data storage devices for measurements in classified environment

• Support of Electronic Calibration (ECal) modules for easy and quick calibration


Choose Application Software that Meets Your Needs


Software applications for Keysight Streamline Series Vector network analyzer enable you to investigate, characteristic, and troubleshoot your designs in a variety of measurement applications. Features are field-upgradeable and are added via software license keys.


Automatic fixture removal (S97007B)


Many of today’s devices do not have coaxial connectors and are put in fixtures in order to measure them in a coaxial environment. Accurately removing the effects of the fixture is required to get a good measurement of the device under test (DUT). Previously complicated modeling in EM simulation software or multiple calibration standards fabricated on board were needed to characterize and remove a fixture.

Automatic fixture removal (AFR) is the fastest way to de-embed a fixture from the measurement. The application adds a powerful application wizard to guide you through characterizing a fixture and removing it from the measurement. Devices can be single-ended or differential. Files can be saved in a variety of formats for later use in Streamline Series VNA.


Time domain analysis (S97010B)


This application enables the analyzer to view reflection and transmission responses in time or distance. Use time domain to tune filters, gate out the response of fixtures and cables, characterize the impedance of transmission lines and more.


Enhanced time domain analysis with TDR (S97011B)


This application enables the analyzer to perform enhanced time domain analysis for high-speed data applications. All functionalities of the S97010B are included (TDR/TDT mode). In addition, the S97011B enables more detailed measurements and evaluations, such as eye-diagram/mask modes. Jitters and/or emphasis/equalization capabilities enables simulation of real-world signals and environment. When used with  44 GHz P9377B, S97011B covers up to  44 GHz bandwidth with 10.2 psec rise time. Full calibration is available and automatic deskew ensures easy removal of fixture and probe effects. To get the best accuracy, mechanical calibration kits or ECal with DC option (i.e. N443xD or N469xD with Option 0DC) are recommended.



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