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B2961B and B2962B 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source


Impressive 6.5 Digit 100 nV/10 fA Resolution, 10 μVrms Ultra Low Noise and Innovative Source Functions Accelerate Your Research and Development


Revolutionary power supply/source meets both existing and future test needs


Power supplies/sources are essential instruments for test and evaluation across the electronics industry. The on-going industry trends of reduced power consumption and faster communication data rates increasingly require power sources that can support lower levels of current and voltage. These requirements mandate that power supplies/sources meet ever higher levels of performance.


The Keysight B2961B/B2962B 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source is a new bench-top power supply/source with revolutionary capabilities and functions not previously available. Its unique features include bipolar current sourcing and sinking, a programmable output resistance feature, and a timedomain waveform viewer supported in the graphical user interface (GUI).


You can choose between 1-channel (B2961B) and 2-channel (B2962B) models, allowing you to select the exact amount of bench-top power source performance to meet your testing needs.


• Best-in-class 6.5 digit resolution (100 nV/10 fA minimum resolutions)

• Wide bipolar (4-quadrant) voltage/current ranges (210 V/3 A DC, 10.5 A Pulse)

• Ultra low noise filter (10 μVrms, 1 nV/√ Hz at 10 kHz)

• Intuitive graphical user interface with wide 4.3” color LCD

• Convenient 4.5 digit voltage/current monitor

• Time domain waveform viewer for quick check and debug

• Precision 1 mHz –10 kHz arbitrary waveform generation capability

• Flexible programmable output resistance function

In addition to these innovative bench-top power supply/source features, the B2961B/B2962B can be controlled remotely using Keysight PC-based Pathwave BenchVue, PW9251A PathWave IV Curve Software or through any LXI compliant web browser. These capabilities simplify the task of incorporating measurement data and graphs into reports and presentations.


The superior performance and innovative functions of the B2961B/B2962B cover a broad range of test applications.


Key Features and Benefits





Best-in-class resolution and wide bipolar range

•    6.5 digit (100 nV/10 fA resolution)

•    210 V and 3 A (DC)/10.5 A (pulsed) ranges

•    4-quadrant operation

Very precise test and evaluation can be performed within a wide 4-quadrant voltage and current range.

External ultra low noise filter (option)

•    10 μVrms (10 Hz – 20 MHz)

•    1 nVrms/√Hz at 10 kHz

Reveal more of the true characteristics of your noise-sensitive devices and samples than ever before.

Intuitive GUI implemented on 4.3” color LCD

•    4.5 digit voltage/current monitor

•    Time domain waveform viewer

Improved test and debug efficiency without the need for a PC.

Precision 1 mHz –10 kHz arbitrary waveform generation capability

•    Voltage and current waveform generation up to 210 V/3 A

•    Support for six built-in waveforms and a userdefined arbitrary waveform

Goes beyond simple DC measurement and allows you to perform complex and more sophisticated testing of your devices and samples.

Versatile programmable output resistance function

•    Constant mode

•    Voltage/current emulation mode

Enables you to simulate a wide variety of devices and sample types.



A wide variety of B2961B/B2962B applications


To reduce power consumption battery-powered devices continue to reduce their supply voltage levels, which requires ever more precise power sources to accurately characterize device behavior. Noise performance requirements also continue to become more stringent in application areas such as mobile communications due to higher data rates and faster clock frequencies. These technology trends make the testing of advanced products increasingly difficult due to their extreme sensitivity to noise and other external disturbances.


As a result, power supplies/sources with more precision, better noise performance and more versatile sourcing functions are now required. The B2961B/B2962B meet these requirements, and they can be used for a wide variety of applications that permit you to perform critical tests and evaluations that have not been previously possible.


In addition, the B2961B/B2962B’s superior performance and innovative functions make these instruments ideal companion power supplies/sources for use with other instruments such as network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, digital multimeters, and nano-voltmeters.



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