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Authoritative Guide to Advanced LTE Testing


In today’s fiercely competitive mobile market, operators worldwide need to rapidly roll out high-quality differentiated services. LTE poses critical new challenges in complexity and, moving forward, mobile operators can no longer rely solely on vendors to validate performance under “best case” scenarios. To deliver the mobile experience today’s users demand, operators must qualify the functionality, resiliency, and scalability of new services on their own—before they deploy and as the network evolves.

This document overviews how to measure critical elements of network performance under realistic conditions and extreme scale to take the guesswork out of network quality. It describes how network equipment vendors and mobile operators can subject networks to high stress, high scale conditions and a wide mix of mobile applications.

The complexities of a wireless network can be fully replicated and validated in the lab with an automated, repeatable, and proven methodology. Ultimately operators can use the concepts and procedures described here to evaluate the subscriber experience in the face of mobility, system overload, and even device failure on a large-city scale.



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