A New Generation of Precision Power Sources

The Keysight B2960 Series 6.5-digit low noise power source are a new generation of power sources offering precision, wide bipolar output ranges, and other innovative features such as graphing capability and arbitrary waveform generation capability, enabling test and evaluation that conventional power sources cannot do.

These features make the B2961B/B2962B low noise power sources an ideal companion tool to use with oscilloscopes, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, frequency counters, digital multimeters, nanovoltmeters, and more. The advanced features provide researchers, electronic development engineers, and electronic technicians with the solutions they need to meet their most difficult measurement challenges.

  • Get 6.5-digit precision with wide and bipolar 4-quadrant output
  • Experience voltage from 100 nV to 210 V and current from 10 fA to 3A DC / 10.5 A pulsed source modes
  • Obtain 10 μVrms (1 nVrms / √Hz at 10 kHz) output noise with external ultra-low noise filter
  • Receive 100 nV/10 fA sourcing resolution
  • Acquire precision arbitrary waveform generation capability from 1 MHz to 10 kHz
  • View the time domain voltage and current on the front panel

Key Specifications

Number of Outputs


Total Power

3A DC or 10.5 pulsed

Digit Precision


Ripple and Noise

10 mVrms

Sourcing Resolution

100 nV / 10 fA

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