The Keysight B2961B Power Sources has broad voltage (up to ±210V) and current (up to ±3A DC and ±10.5A pulsed) sourcing ranges and excellent 6.5 digit resolution.


The Keysight B2961B Series 6.5-digit low noise source power supplies provide a power supply and source solution that meets the difficult measurement challenges researchers, designers, and developers face working on advanced components, circuits, and materials.

Unlike a typical power supply / source, they support a 4-quadrant operation that gives you the freedom to accurately supply any voltage or current contained within their ranges and power limit regardless of polarity.

Key Features

  • Get 6.5-digit with wide and bipolar voltage / current sourcing at 100 nV to 210 V / 10 fA to 10.5 A at 31.8 W
  • Experience best-in-class noise performance with 10 µVrms, 1 nVrms / √Hz with external filter
  • Use the precision arbitrary waveform capability and user-defined waveforms from 1 MHz to 10 kHz

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