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Automating complex processes with AI-powered software testing

Automating complex processes requires a software environment that uses non-invasive techniques. To accomplish this, the automation system should incorporate computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) to enable interaction with complex user interfaces, perform user interface-based analysis, and process structured and unstructured data in the form of images, scans, or videos.

Connectivity to the system under test can be established via remote desktop, remote access, or non-intrusive black-box screen capture methods. To achieve maximum process evaluation, the solution should also include optical character recognition (OCR).

EG1000A Eggplant Test software on laptop screen helps create efficient workflows with RPA

AI-driven software test automation solution

Automating complex processes at scale requires computer vision, NLP, and OCR capabilities connected via a scripting language. Eggplant Test offers a unified platform for test automation and AI-driven model-based testing, enabling shared assets and insights between test, development, and production. With advanced NLP and computer vision, Eggplant Test interacts with complex systems without requiring source code access. It works with diverse data repositories and extracts data from the screen, enabling seamless transitions between processes essential for advanced sequences. Eggplant supports common packaged apps like SAP and Oracle.

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Universal fusion engine

Identify, execute, and adapt tests automatically with Eggplant’s AI-powered engine to provide a fast path to quality for your system under test.

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API evaluation

Use Eggplant’s application programming interface (API) testing to verify results displayed on the front end match the back end, validating your website’s back-end operations.

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Any platform

Ensure your applications, website, and digital services work across all browsers, operating systems, and devices with Eggplant Test.

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