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Automating non-invasive EMR testing at DevOps speed

Automating testing for customized, interfaced electronic medical records (EMR) systems requires a scalable and platform-agnostic test automation solution. This solution should extend test coverage beyond functionality to keep up with increasingly complex test requirements such as integration with connected devices, system interoperability, and stability under stress conditions. To adhere to rigorous regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the solution also must be non-invasive, eliminating the requirement for source code access or potential for exposure of protected health information.

Test automation for EMR systems leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to incorporate real user journeys, fixed regression cases, and past test failures to automatically generate new test cases for effective healthcare software testing. This approach broadens coverage beyond basic code compliance and functional test, extending coverage to the overall user experience (UX).

Automated EMR testing solution

Automated EMR testing solution

Automating EMR testing in HIPAA-regulated environments requires a comprehensive software test automation solution. Powered by AI, Eggplant Test automates testing of EMR systems by simulating user behaviors across any platform. Leveraging model-based technology and non-invasive interfaces to achieve a HIPAA-compliant approach, Eggplant tests at the user interface (UI) level from within your own firewall. Combining linear-directed test automation with automated exploratory testing, Eggplant provides full test coverage with metrics and analytics. Eggplant also works seamlessly with virtualization options such as Citrix or Horizon without installing a testing agent.

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Any platform

Use Eggplant Test to ensure your EMR system functions correctly across all browsers, operating systems, and devices.

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Model-based testing

Enhance testing accuracy and reliability with Eggplant’s AI engine, which predicts how healthcare software will behave under various conditions.

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Intelligent computer vision

Test from the user's point of view, facilitate testing of complex UX elements, and ease maintenance with Eggplant.

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