Reduce your Design and Simulation Time

Accelerate your design cycle with integrated design and simulation software. Know your performance under simulated real-world conditions before you build.

PathWave Design 2020

Accelerate your design workflow with Keysight's latest release of electronic design automation (EDA) software. PathWave Design 2020 comprises a collection of software with new capabilities and extensive updates designed to enable the next generation of design workflows for RF and microwave, 5G, and automotive design engineers.

PathWave Design 2020 reduces setup time, automates routine tasks, and provides for faster simulation and analysis. The software seamlessly integrates circuit design, electromagnetic (EM) simulation, layout capabilities, and system level modeling. Improvements in data analytics allow for faster analysis and more timely design decisions. Automation improvements reduce manual work. Learn how PathWave Design 2020 can accelerate your product development today by reducing the time you spend in the design and simulation phase.

Achieve Efficiency in Design with EDA Software

Design engineers and industry leaders have been using Keysight electronic design automation software for over 30 years.

Read about STMicroelectronics and French university ESEO's design success with Keysight's ADS software.

Learn how simulation can substantially reduce design time and cost for mmWave component design.

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