Reduce your simulation time by 80% using distributed and parallel computing

Complex product designs need massive and time-consuming simulations. Keysight Design Cloud leverages High-Performance Computing (HPC) technologies that let you run parallel simulations in the cloud, cluster, or server to reduce simulation time and expedite time-to-market significantly.

Say ‘No’ to the simulate-and-wait cycle you’ve been used to. Launch multiple simulations, shut down, and walk away. Keysight Design Cloud ensures your jobs are done quickly, and securely sends you the results when you reconnect.

Flexible architecture that fits your organization needs


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Computing resources are located on-premises in a single server or a cluster in a single site or multiple — a good balance between price and performance.

Hybrid Cloud


Computing resources are combined on-premises with virtual machines in a cloud environment — a better balance between scalability and performance.

Turn-key Cloud

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Computing resources are easy to access, on-demand, and scalable in the cloud — the best balance between scalability, performance, and customization. 

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