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Keysight PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) tools for physical design enable you to parameterize, sweep, tune, and optimize electromagnetic (EM) circuit designs with ease. Create a 3D temperature profile of your chip and annotate device temperatures into your circuit simulator to make it thermally accurate.

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Take EM Effects Into Account With High-Fidelity Simulations

With the complexity of IC components increasing, EM circuit simulation is critical for accurate and efficient design. Circuit-based EM effects can drastically alter voltage levels and damage semiconductor devices. With EM simulation, designers can account for these effects to avoid costly problems before they happen.

Using Electrothermal Simulation in Your Next IC Design

Discover how PathWave Thermal Design provides accurate, temperature aware IC simulation results by using device temperatures that account for thermal coupling and thermal characteristics of the package.

ADS Electro Thermal Model Generation software screenshot
Screenshot of electromagnetic co-simulation

Learn to Identify RF Coupling Issues Early with EM / Circuit Co-Simulation

Learn how mixed microwave and mmWave designs integrate MMIC, RFIC, laminate, and antennas in a compact form factor. You will also learn about the following:

  • Why EM side effects can degrade circuit performance.
  • How circuit designers need to iteratively include 3D EM effects of packaging and interconnections during design exploration, tuning, and optimization.

Thermal Analysis Ensures Mission-Critical Success for Ensilica's ASIC

“The data points are bang-on thermal simulations, and the reliability looks good, with a very benign PA power degradation over time. These were not givens before we started our virtual thermal analysis.”

Alan Wong | Sr. VP of Engineering | Ensilica

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