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Keysight 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit


Compact, economical one-box solution for medium to high-density switch/measure applications in design verification, automated test and data acquisition

34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit

The Keysight 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure unit is designed for R&D and manufacturing test engineers who are working in design verification, automated test or data acquisition and are either looking to upgrade their existing systems or are in need of a new, cost-effective alternative.

The 34980A is an eight-slot mainframe that offers 19 plug-in modules and an optional 6 1/2 digit DMM. It is easy to integrate with standard LAN, USB and GPIB connectivity to PC, and is priced up to 40% less than comparable switching solutions.

Broad offering of modules

With 19 different plug-in modules in low frequency, RF and microwave switching to 20GHz, digital I/O, D/A converters, and counter/totalizer functionality, the 34980A has the core switch/measure functionality needed for most automated test and data acquisition applications. The 34980A can accommodate up to 560 2-wire MUX or 1024 2-wire matrix crosspoints in one mainframe.

Internal DMM option

The 6 1/2 digit DMM is mounted inside the mainframe without consuming any of the eight available slots. It has flexibility to measure 11 types of inputs.

  • Temperature and thermocouples, RTD’s or thermistors
  • DC and AC voltage
  • 2- and 4-wire resistance
  • Frequency and period
  • DC and AC current

Ease of integration

With the 34980A, make quick and easy system connections by choosing between standard 50 or 78-pin DSub cables, quick disconnect terminal blocks or mass interconnect connections. The 34980A offers built-in LAN, USB 2.0 and GPIB interfaces for simple connection to your PC, as well as, the most common programming environments with SCPI, IVI or LabView software drivers.

Built-in graphical web interface

Remote access and control of the instruments via a Java-enabled browser.

  • Set up, troubleshoot and maintain your system remotely
  • View and modify instrument setup
  • Open, close or monitor switches
  • Setup and initiate scans
  • Send SCPI commands
  • Define and execute switch sequences
  • View error queue
  • Get status reports on relay counts, firmware revisions and more

Low cost

Applications vary, and the 34980A is designed to meet specific testing needs by offering a flexible, tailorable solution for signal switching, battery test, monitoring, product characterization, thermal profiling, environmental test, and quality control at a price that is up to 40% less than comparable modular solutions.

34980A Modules at a glance

The 34980A mainframe holds up to eight plug-in modules. Mix and match them to create a custom system to meet your switching and system control needs. You can easily add or replace modules as your requirements change.



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