Meet the SL1800A Regenerative DC Emulator – High-Power Series

Keysight's SL1800A Scienlab Regenerative DC Emulator - High-Power Series enables users to emulate the large batteries in electric vehicles. The bidirectional power flow allows emulation of both power sourcing applications, such as traction inverter test, as well as power-absorbing (sinking) applications, such as EV charging. Being regenerative, the power absorbed is delivered back to the grid, saving on energy and cooling costs. The SL1800A Series is fully integrated with the SL104X Charge Discover System. The SL1093A Charge Discover Software fully automates DC charging applications to many different test standards. With bi-directionality, integrated DC voltage and current controllers, high dynamics, and its regenerative energy feedback capacity, the Scienlab Dynamic DC Emulator provides an all-in-one system for efficient and effective testing of the power electronic components in electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

  • Extendable to meet future, increased power needs
  • Parallel for up to 1.5 MW

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