Much like providers need to see and diagnose their whole patient to best treat them, Healthcare organizations need to see and validate their network infrastructure. Healthcare organizations use Keysight solutions to gain deep visibility into their network and security stack to help solve some of today’s most complex network security issues such as medical device security, protecting against the next cyber attack, and HIPAA compliance.

How to Mitigate Five IT Problems Affecting the Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry has been suffering from five major IT challenges over the recent years. Learn how Healthcare organizations can mitigate these challenges with Keysight Solutions

  • Reduce security breaches and increase patient privacy
  • Eliminate network blind spots
  • Transforming business to align with consumerization
  • Leverage technology for competitive advantage
  • Use technology to improve network performance

Validating Zero-Trust and Cloud Deployments

The Healthcare industry is rapidly migrating from traditional datacenters to cloud deployments with connections to hospitals, clinics, and providers. Keysight helps providers validate these deployments, addressing:

  • User experience and latency in distributed deployments.
  • Instant scalability from a handful to millions of simulated users.
  • Validation of threat detection and prevention services.
  • Integrated user authentication and zero-trust validation.

Visibility Solutions for Network and Application Performance

Healthcare has gone through rapid digital transformation in recent times. With networks growing as applications and connected devices are added at breakneck speeds, network performance and the ability to identify the root cause has been greatly affected. Having visibility into your network is key to optimize network traffic and security coverage. Keysight solutions help healthcare customers:

  • Resolve application performance bottlenecks
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Improve data center automation

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