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M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer



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RF requirements keep growing while timelines keep shrinking. To help ease the technical and business pressures, the right test solution provides continuity in measurements and longevity in capability. The Keysight Technologies, Inc. M9391A PXIe vector signal analyzer (PXI VSA) is the next logical step in RF signal analysis.

The M9391A PXI VSA, combined with the M9381A PXIe vector signal generator provides a complete solution for fast, high quality measurements optimized for RF manufacturing test environments.

To help you get proven results even faster, Keysight’s PXI VSA can be used with X-Series measurement applications for modular instruments, 89600 VSA software and SystemVue. These software applications enable you to investigate, validate and test your RF communications designs.

From fully modular hardware to software leverage to worldwide support, the PXI VSA is the low-risk way to manage change and be ready for tomorrow—today.

Product description

The M9391A PXI VSA is a modular vector signal analyzer for frequencies from 1 MHz to 6 GHz and up to 160 MHz analysis bandwidth. The M9391A is comprised of four individual PXI modules - M9350A downconverter, M9214A digitizer, M9301A synthesizer and M9300A frequency reference. A single M9300A frequency reference can be shared between multiple instruments to minimize footprint.

The flexible, modular design of the M9391A enables you to efficiently scale to multi-channel signal analysis to test multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) devices. Capability can also be scaled with options for memory, frequency range and modulation bandwidth which can be easily upgraded in the field.

Definitions for specifications

Temperatures referred to in this document are defined as follows:

  • Full temperature range = Individual module temperature of 25 to 75 °C, as reported by the module, and environment temperature of 0 to 55 °C.
  • Controlled temperature range = Individual module temperature of 40 to 51 °C, as reported by the module, and environment temperature of 20 to 30 °C.

Specifications describe the warranted performance of calibrated instruments. Data represented in this document are specifications under the following conditions unless otherwise noted.

  • Calibrated instruments have been stored for a minimum of 2 hours within the full temperature range
  • 45 minute warm-up time
  • Calibration cycle maintained
  • When used with Keysight M9300A frequency reference and Keysight interconnect cables

Characteristics describe product performance that is useful in the application of the product, but that is not covered by the product warranty. Characteristics are often referred to as Typical or Nominal values and are italicized.

  • Typical describes characteristic performance, which 80% of instruments will meet when operated within the controlled temperature range.
  • Nominal describes representative performance that is useful in the application of the product when operated within the controlled temperature range.

Recommended best practices in use

  • Use slot blockers and EMC filler panels in empty module slots to ensure proper operating temperatures. Keysight chassis and slot blockers optimize module temperature performance and reliability of test.
  • Set chassis fan to high at environmental temperatures above 45 °C
  • Maintain temperature stability for best multi-channel phase coherence
  • Set chassis fans to maximum
  • Maintain stable ambient temperature
  • Perform warm-up with session open and representative acquisition waveform running

Additional information

  • Mixer level offset modifies the receiver gain prior to the first mixer of the receiver. A negative setting improves distortion (i.e., TOI) at the cost of noise performance (i.e., DANL). A positive setting improves noise performance at the cost of distortion.
  • Performance described in this document applies for module temperature within ± 3 degrees of comprehensive alignment, unless otherwise noted.
  • When used with a Keysight M9018A PXIe chassis, comprehensive alignment requires chassis FPGA version 1.05 or greater.
  • When configured for multi-channel, phase-coherent operation (shared synthesizer configuration), instrument level warranted specifications only apply to the M9391A which was previously calibrated with the M9301A synthesizer, showing a valid calibration indicator. For all other M9391A channels, specifications revert to typical performance. If using an external LO distribution unit, such as the V2802A LO distribution network, specifications for all M9391A channels revert to typical performance.
  • All graphs contain measured data from one unit and is representative of product performance within the controlled temperature range unless otherwise noted.
  • The specifications contained in this document are subject to change.



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