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Here is a possible marketing overview of the web page context: The Hi-Z+ Passive Probing System from Keysight Technologies is a family of probes that offers a never-before-seen combination of high bandwidth and higher input voltages. The probes have a small probe head, rugged and replaceable tips, automatic probe identification and attenuation, high voltage ranges and high input impedances with low capacitance. The probes are compatible with the AutoProbe I interface on applicable InfiniiVision X-Series and Infiniium oscilloscopes, using the PP0004A adapter that is sold as a standard accessory with any of these probes. The Hi-Z+ Passive Probing System consists of three models: PP0001A, PP0002A, and PP0003A. PP0001A provides 1 GHz bandwidth and 300 V CAT II input voltage. PP0002A provides 800 MHz bandwidth and 1200 V CAT II input voltage. PP0003A provides 1 GHz bandwidth and 30 V CAT II input voltage, and is the first ever MMCX compatible probe from Keysight. All three models have 10 MΩ || 4.0 pF input impedance and 5 mm tip type. The probes come with a variety of standard accessories, such as channel identification rings, grabber hook tip, ground clip, ground spring, BNC to probe tip adapter, probe tip cartridge, protective tip covers, red and black mini grabbers, and MMCX to 0.025” square pin adapter. The probes also have optional accessories available for purchase separately, such as probe tip to 0.025” square pin adapter and PCB to probe tip adapter with different voltage ratings. To learn more about the Hi-Z+ Passive Probing System and other Keysight products and applications, please visit or contact your local Keysight office. You can also find related literature and resources at or by searching for the document publication numbers listed in the web page context. To order or re-order any of the probes or accessories mentioned above, please use the re-orderable identifiers provided in the web page context.



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