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DuSIM: O-DU Emulation Solution


DuSIM is a O-DU emulator that helps network equipment manufacturers and mobile operators test the functionality, performance and conformance of O-RAN O-CU over the F1 interface. DuSIM is a highly scalable virtual solution that can emulate hundreds of O-DUs and thousands of UEs, supporting both NSA and SA topologies, IPSEC over C-plane, IPv6, and CU-UP/CU-CP split. DuSIM also enables O-CU wrap-around testing using CoreSIM, Keysight's core emulation option. DuSIM is part of Keysight's O-RAN testing portfolio, which offers a common user interface across different products, both virtual and hardware-based. DuSIM can run on standalone hypervisors or OpenStack-based private clouds, or on specialized Keysight hardware such as X100-5G appliance and 25GE/10GE NICs. DuSIM is aligned with 3GPP Release 15 and supports various protocols for control and user planes, such as F1AP, PDCP, SDAP, GTPv1-U, NAS, S1AP, X2AP, etc. DuSIM also provides comprehensive platform support, full automation via Tcl, Python, and REST APIs, and multiple activities per UE with distinct Layer 7 protocol and data rate profile. DuSIM can be ordered with the following product codes: - P88688A: DuSIM - O-DU Emulation over F1 NSA/SA & L4-L7 Traffic Generation - P88689A: DuSIM Performance Enabler - P8800P3: DuSIM and CoreSIM Lite - P8800H1-FG: X100 5G Appliance - P8800H2-FG: 25GE NIC 2-ports - P8800H3-FG: 10GE NIC 2-ports For more information on DuSIM and other Keysight products, please visit or contact your local Keysight office.



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