High performance Noise Figure Measurement

The noise figure analyzer represents a dedicated version of noise figure measurement solutions. A noise figure analyzer in its most basic form consists of a receiver with an accurate power detector and a circuit to power the noise source. The high performance Keysight NFA X-Series noise figure analyzers have variable bandwidths to facilitate measurement of narrow-band devices, as do spectrum analyzer-based measurement systems.

Optimize for noise figure using the NFA Series of high performance noise figure analyzers, which are designed to make fast, accurate, repeatable measurements. Key features include the simple user interface, graphical display, data storage, selectable bandwidths and on screen limit lines for pass/fail testing. With the NFA Series reliable measurements up to 40 GHz are now available in a single instrument.

Easy Noise Figure Measurement Setup

The NFA series of Noise Figure Analyzers now takes the pain out of complex measurement setups, with their simple but instructive menus. The built-in help button gives key function and remote programming commands, that should eliminate the need to carry manuals when setting up measurements.

Low Noise Figure Measuring Instrumentation Uncertainty

When making noise figure measurements, a key parameter to be aware of is measurement uncertainty. The NFA has a low instrumentation uncertainty to aid in accurate and repeatable measurement of manufacturers’ components.

Increase Measurement Throughput

In manufacturing environments, fast measurement speed and repeatability are critical. The NFA series of Noise Figure Analyzers now include many features that can reduce your measurement time and increase throughput. The frequency list function allows you to select specific points within a complete measurement span to make your measurement. The Sweep averaging function allows a real-time update to the screen during a measurement, as you adjust the performance of the DUT during a sweep.

Extend the NFA solution up to 110 GHz with special block downconverters

For more information about noise source and noise figure measurement, please visit Noise Figure Analyzer & Noise Source and 346 Noise Source Family

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