Keysight DMM Test Equipment: Test Confidently and Efficiently

The Keysight U1240 Series delivers strong and solid digital multimeter (DMM) test equipment, providing the performance functionality you need to work efficiently on the bench or in the field. The IP67-certified U1240C model can withstand drops up to 10 feet (3 meters) and work longer for you with up to 400 hours of battery life.

  • Detect the presence of harmonics in AC supply (motors, generators, transformers) with just a button press
  • Monitor differential temperature points on HVAC systems with only one DMM
  • Rugged dust and water resistant models can withstand a 10-ft drop
  • Choose models with flashlight, low input impedance mode, and non-contact voltage detection
  • Easily measure with Vsense for non-contact voltage detection and low impedance mode (Zlow)

DMM test equipment designed for harsh working conditions

Extend your measurement capability beyond your test bench with unparalleled precision, accuracy, and repeatability. The U1240 Series handheld DMMs consists of models U1241B, U1242B, U1241C, and U1242C.

  • Focus on maximum productivity with this long-battery-life DMM that is also dust and water resistant
  • Safely monitor measurements on your PC or iOS / Android mobile devices with optional IR-to-Bluetooth® adapter
  • Record data into the durable DMM unit using the built-in internal memory of up to 2,000 readings

Key Specifications


4 digits

Basic 1-Year DCV Accuracy


Display Type

7-segment LCD


IR to USB or Bluetooth


Handheld Meter Logger

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