The S7601A Antenna Measurement Toolset is a comprehensive solution to test and verify different types of antennas for cellular, automotive and satellite communication with the help of the following components.

The F9650A is Keysight’s compact antenna test range (CATR) solution offering quiet zone diameters of 30, and 40 cm in a modular format for operation from 6-110 GHz for full conformance, spurious emissions, and antenna design testing; extreme temperature condition (ETC) is an option. For larger required test volumes and devices, as well as lower frequencies, full sized anechoic chambers are also available.

For phased arrays and passive antenna pattern measurements, Keysight’s F7601000A Antenna Measurement Toolset Application provides the following options.

The Antenna Pattern Measurement option performs spherical antenna pattern measurements and calculates metrics like directivity, efficiency, gain, beamwidth and sidelobe levels. Vector antenna pattern data captured using one of Keysight’s vector network analyzers can be used to calculate circular and elliptical polarization information from the orthogonal measurements obtained using the CATR’s dual-linearly-polarized feed horn. The graphical user interface allows manipulation of the pattern in 3D and extraction of user-defined cuts through the 3D surface, as well as evaluation of the various metrics associated with the antenna measurement.

The Phased Array Antenna Control and Calibration option allows complete control of a user’s phased array and beam-forming chipset(s) through our standard SCPI command set, allowing both Keysight developed support of industry chipsets or user provided support of their own custom designs. Keysight’s proprietary phased array calibration algorithm provides rapid calibration of each array element for R&D and production applications. When coupled with the Antenna Pattern Measurement option, the system can measure the phased array's beamforming pattern to quickly compare radiated performance before and after calibration. A wide variety of metrics can be obtained in a single test configuration, including effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP), radiation patterns versus beam scan angle, beam scan range and loss, cross-polarization isolation, gain compression, gain-over-noise-temperature (G/T), and modulation distortion (EVM).

Keysight’s antenna test solutions can be configured with a variety of RF and radio communication test equipment, including Keysight’s popular line of vector network analyzers, such as our PNA-X series.

Keysight's PNA-X includes two internal signal sources, a signal combiner, S-parameter and noise receivers, pulse modulators and generators, and a flexible set of switches and RF access points. These hardware features provide a powerful core for a broad range of linear and nonlinear measurements, all with a single set of connections to your device under test.

Keysight's VXG vector signal generators offer high output power with ultra-low phase noise for your most demanding wireless, automotive, and aerospace and defense applications.

Design and Test a Phased Array Antenna

Discover the fundamental principles behind phased array antenna design and testing, including measurement techniques and calibration. This comprehensive guide offers a holistic overview of phased array antenna technology and the development workflow. Gain insights into cutting-edge simulation tools, practical design considerations, and test methodologies.

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