• M9185A-001: 8 Channel D/A Converter Option
  • M9185A-002: 16 Channel D/A Converter Option

Application-focused specs

  • 8/16-channels for supplying stimulus voltage signals to Device Under Test (DUT)
  • ±16V range up to 10mA ideal for high voltage applications
  • 16-bit resolution


  • Isolated D/A converter
  • Sense capability to ensure output accuracy

Performance characteristics

  • DC Voltage: ±16V range up to 10mA
  • DC Current: up to ±20mA

The M9185A is a fully independent, isolated D/A converter that is capable of supplying high voltage levels in parallel of up to eight or sixteen channels. Each channel is able to output up to ±16V as stimulus signals to Device Under Tests (DUTs).

The M9185A DAC also comes with a built-in SENSE mechanism, which is able to detect the output voltage levels and feedback the information to the DAC circuitry to compensate for the voltage drop at the receiving end of a DUT. Hence the accuracy of the stimulus signal is ensured.

Equipped with the ability of supplying voltage levels of up to ±16V and a SENSE feature, the M9185A suits perfectly for the automotive industry where operating voltages range between 12V to 14V and signal accuracy is always an important factor.

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Standard Configurations

M9185A PXI 8/16-Channel Isolated D/A Converter

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