Interoperable and Failure Free MIPI A-PHY® Devices are the Goal — Receiver Testing Can Help

Serializers and De-serializers (SerDes), are common in virtually all high-speed digital bus technologies.  They are responsible for taking various digital inputs and sending them over distance using high-speed serial links. Next-generation advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) will use sensors like cameras, radar, and lidar with increasingly high resolutions, requiring a network with faster data throughput and greater bandwidth.

Typically, SerDes are built to be asymmetrical; they use a high-speed downlink for data transit, such as from a camera to the central CPU, and a slower uplink for less-demanding tasks like device monitoring and control. This type of link is well suited to remote sensors in the vehicle, which require high-speed outputs but should ideally be limited in their implementation complexity, power requirements, and cost.

The AE2010R MIPI A-PHY Automotive SerDes Receiver Test software is a solution that includes control software for the Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) to generate noise profiles defined in the MIPI A-PHY specification. While link performance is being monitored, the clock recovery and error correction mechanisms of the receiver are put under stress. The software can emulate (as required by the specification) the different noise sources present in a vehicle. These include broadband, spectrally shaped noise profiles and dynamic, transient events operating in specific frequency bands for finite periods of time. The software ultimately allows for repeatable in-lab testing of real-world signals creating confidence in the receiver. The repeatability of these procedures and test limits fosters broad scale interoperability and allows implementers to minimize the risk of failure in the field, ensuring the safety of all.
Key capabilities
  • Programmatic control of Keysight M8195A AWG.
  • Includes required noise profiles from MIPI A-PHY specification.
  • Characterization and debugging modes with editable frequency and amplitude.
  • Test framework with automated report generation.

Noise profiles provided

  • Car noise
  • Alien cable bundle cross-talk
  • Fast transient
  • Radio frequency ingress (RFI)/ Bulk current injection (BCI)
  • PoC ripple (power over cable)

Ordering information

  • Software supports Keysight M8195A AWG.
  • Software licenses are available as perpetual node-locked or transportable.
  • Software maintenance is available for 12-month and 36-months increments.

Keysight partnered with BitifEye Digital Test Solutions to develop this software.

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Free Trials

A 30-day trial license can be requested from our partner BitifEye.

Automotive SerDes Receiver Testing Explained

This video highlights the importance of automotive SerDes receiver testing in high speed automotive applications. We will go over the technical challenges and complexity in implementation as well as what the test setup looks like. We will also show how to execute the tests both to specified limits and also to characterize the boundaries of operations of the device under test.

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