Superior RF Performance

  • Frequency response: ±0.6 dB
  • Maximum SWR: 1.2 (10 MHz to 4 GHz), 1.5 (10 MHz to 18 GHz)
  • Low level sensitivity: > 0.5 mV/uW
  • Output Polarity: Negative

Power handling

  • Maximum operating input power: 200 mW
  • Typical short-term maximum input power (< 1 minute): 1 W


  • Noise: 50 uV


  • Input connector: 3.5mm male
  • Output connector: SMC male

The Keysight 33330B low-barrier schottky diode detector has been widely used for many years in a variety of applications including leveling and power sensing. It offers good performance and ruggedness. Matched pairs (Option 001) offer very good detector tracking.

Note: Option 301 and 101 are default options unless specified otherwise.

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33330B Low-Barrier Schottky Diode Detector, 0.01 to 18 GHz

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