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Used Keysight FieldFox Portable Handheld RF and Microwave Analyzers

FieldFox Handheld RF and Microwave Analyzers

  • Cover frequency range up to 54 GHz with accuracy aligning with the leading outcomes.
  • Set up your FieldFox as a cable and antenna analyzer, or you may also configure it as a vector network analyzer.
  • Make use of a spectrum analyzer, or an entire setup of combination testing setup.
  • Unfold the capacity of 5G field-testing with a broad spectrum of bandwidth coverage as high as 120 MHz.
  • Catch and analyze small, unwanted noise with wideband, instantaneous analysis.
  • Carry out measurements with this low-weight tool of the industry — providing nearly 30% lighter load in contrast with several handheld testers.

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Used FieldFox Series Offers

  • Like-new Condition
  • Updated Firmware
  • Full Calibration
  • New Accessories
  • Like-new Warranty
  • Customization possible

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  • Savings of up to 90%
  • Working Condition
  • Calibrated or Tested
  • 30-Day Right-of-Return
  • No Customization
  • Shipping to limited countries

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No Signal should go Unnoticed

Keysight’s FieldFox portable analyzers furnish a favorable working environment during tougher conditions while going through routine maintenance, extensive troubleshooting, and intermediate phases. Go for the software-enabled Keysight FieldFox configuration that best matches the superior working standards while accomplishing your objectives.

Full Product Info

The Industry’s Upmost Integrated Handheld Analyzer

Keysight’s FieldFox portable analyzers take charge as the best performer in difficult working environments during routine maintenance, in-depth troubleshooting, and the phases in between. Choose the software-enabled Keysight FieldFox configuration that best meets your requirements.

Never Compromise on Capacity Or Mobility

Real time testing of the latest communication networks appeals for more requirements from your equipment. The parameters selected as trade-offs such as capability and portability can prove to be the requisites. More than 22 software dependent measurement abilities are embodied in this single compact unit that runs with the battery. FieldFox is the by far the most competent handheld analyzer in the industry. Anticipate the evolving measurement needs by improving your handheld filed tester with suitable, easy-to-install user-friendly license keys.


  • Provides you an outstanding potential in the field-testing to capture signals and investigate them in future through 89600 VSA.
  • Perform demodulation and do complete vector signal evaluation for subsequent improvement in implementation.
  • Solve and prove MAC, RLC, and RRC-layer messages within a number of radio communication channels.
  • Examine, trace and sort cellular and wireless communication, strictly confidential and multi-platform applications.


What is a FieldFox Handheld Analyzer?

The Keysight FieldFox Handheld Analyzer is a handheld radiofrequency and microwave monitor with a frequency range between 3 kHz and 300 GHz. It is among the most integrated handheld portable analyzers on the market and is built to work in the toughest working environment. It can measure the most important and essential electrical parameters that are of profound importance in today's power grids, such as voltage, current, frequency, and power quality. FieldFox is easy to use and does not require extensive training for the user.

The unit is equipped with 30 different measurement functions and utilities. Some measurement functions included are Spectrum Analyzer, Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, Vector Network Analyzer, Cable and Antenna Analyzer, and Extended Range Transmission Analysis.

For more information on the features of the FieldFox Handheld Analyzer, click here to Get To Know FieldFox.

What is radio frequency?

An alternating electrical current or a magnetic, electric, or electromagnetic field or mechanical system's oscillation rate that lies around 20 kHz to around 300 GHz is known as radiofrequency. Frequencies immediately below RF are audio frequency (AF) ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz Radio frequency covers all the way upto the range of extremely high frequency.

This definition refers to the electromagnetic waves themselves, which carry the radio data signals being part of today's most important technologies. Radio frequencies are also called "radiotelephone frequencies" when used as a radio telephony system.

What frequency range does a Fieldfox have?

FieldFox Handheld Analyzers operate from 3 kHz to 300 GHz. This range is wide enough to allow complete testing of most power grids and high voltage equipment. It is also used to analyze microwave components such as filters, couplers and other devices.

Fieldfox vs. Oscilloscope – What's the difference?

Oscilloscopes are used to measure voltage waves, while FieldFox Handheld Analyzers can perform most electrical measurements and can enhance the capabilities of analyzers. Oscilloscopes operate with frequencies up to the hundreds of MHz range and with bandwidths of around 100 MHz or higher. There are many applications where the oscilloscope's frequency range will not be wide enough to provide a quality measurement. A major reason is the oscilloscope’s limitation as it lacks the capability of examining high frequency sharp rise time transients.FieldFox Handheld Analyzers have a much wider frequency range, going from 3 kHz to 300 GHz, with a typical limit of 10 MHz.

Although FieldFox Handheld Analyzers are not oscilloscopes, they allow you to create waveforms that resemble voltage or current signals within known component specifications. For example, the spectrum analyzer function produces a graph that resembles an oscilloscope display.

FieldFox Handheld Analyzers are capable of analyzing power grids where oscilloscopes cannot reach. Since the FieldFox runs on battery or USB power, it can go to the job site, where other instruments cannot.

For a full list of oscilloscopes that we carry, please visit the used equipment product category page.

Fieldfox vs. signal generator – what's the difference?

Signal generators produce electrical signals at the desired frequency over a range of voltages. The FieldFox can test equipment, subsystems, or complete systems. What sets them apart from traditional signal generators is that they can test both RF signals and power grids simultaneously.

The FieldFox Handheld Analyzer is different from a signal generator because it can generate a signal and measure many parameters with one hand-held device. It does not need a separate power supply or calibration, the only thing needed is the unit itself as it is portable and battery-powered. This makes it more efficient for field test engineers to use.

For a full list of signal generators that we carry, visit the product category page.

Fieldfox vs. spectrum analyzer – what's the difference?

Spectrum analyzers display the amplitude and frequency of a signal within a specific bandwidth according to the frequency range of the given instrument. A spectrum analyzer measures power over a range of frequencies instead of a specific frequency.

FieldFox Handheld Analyzers are different from spectrum analyzers because they can simultaneously test RF signals and power grids. FieldFox can do all the measurement functions that a spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope can do without needing separate instruments for each function, making it more efficient to use in many situations.

For a full list of spectrum analyzers that we carry, visit our product category page.

Can I save Fieldfox data to a USB drive?

Yes, the unit is equipped with an integrated USB port that enables the user to download recorded waveforms and data to a PC running FieldFox software. But, you will need a standard USB cable for this purpose.

Can I Use a LAN Connection with my FieldFox?

Yes, LAN connections are compatible with the FieldFox handheld analyzer which allows you to send your data to a computer. The setup is simple and can be done through the LAN wizard in the Windows control panel. But, you need to make sure that the LAN connection is 100Base-T speed or faster in case you choose the firmware A.03.06 or earlier.

How do I calibrate my Fieldfox?

The FieldFox is equipped with CalReady and QuickCal built-in software that makes calibrating in the field simple and efficient. FieldFox also provides a selection of mechanical calibration types when a calibration kit is available. Regardless of how you are calibrating, the FieldFox will walk you through performing a user calibration using the built-in "Calibration Wizard," which guides you step by step.

Note: This way of calibrating is available in all Fieldfox “A” models.

What are the differences between Keysight Used & Keysight Premium Used?

You will find more information about the differences of Keysight's used equipment standards here.

Can I configure a unit to meet my personal needs?

Customization is generally possible with our Keysight Premium Used equipment. The majority of our Keysight Premium Used equipment can be configured just the way you need it. Options can be added at additional cost.
Customizing Keysight Premium Used equipment might change the delivery and lead time of the item.

Some Keysight Used products cannot be customized. Use the contact option on the product page to check with the our eStore team.

What accessories are included?

Keysight Premium Used equipment typically comes with the same accessories and warranty as new products.

For Keysight Used products, the accessories included are mentioned in each listing on the Keysight Store on eBay or the Keysight Alibaba store.

Can you include other accessories?

We currently only offer those accessories which are part of the listing. Other accessories can be purchased separately at extra cost with your purchase of a Keysight Used or Keysight Premium Used unit.

Please mention in the comment field which additional accessories or support you are interested in.

For seperate or post-purchase ordering, please contact your local Keysight office or Keysight Partner.

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  • Like-new Condition
  • Updated Firmware
  • Full Calibration
  • New Accessories
  • Like-new Warranty
  • Customization possible

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  • Savings of up to 90%
  • Working Condition
  • Calibrated or Tested
  • 30-Day Right-of-Return
  • No Customization
  • Shipping to limited countries

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