Never Sacrifice Capability or Portability

Field testing modern communications networks puts new demands on your equipment and requires trade-offs between capabilities and portability. With over 25 software-enabled measurement capabilities in one portable, battery-powered unit, FieldFox is the most capable handheld analyzer in the industry.

Stay ahead of changing measurement requirements by upgrading your handheld RF analyzer in the field with convenient, user-installable license keys.

The Industry's Most Integrated Handheld RF Analyzer

Keysight's FieldFox portable analyzers are equipped to handle your toughest working environments during routine maintenance, in-depth troubleshooting, and anything in between. Choose the software-enabled Keysight FieldFox configuration that best meets your needs.
  • Configure FieldFox as a cable and antenna analyzer (CAT), handheld vector network analyzer (VNA), handheld spectrum analyzer, or an all-in-one combination RF analyzer.
  • Get frequency coverage up to 54 GHz with precision comparable to benchtop results.
  • Make 5G field test a reality with wide analysis bandwidth up to 120 MHz.
  • Capture small, interfering signals with wideband, real-time analysis.

FieldFox RF Analyzer Software

Offering 25+ license-key activated software applications.

Interference RF Analyzer and Spectogram software screenshot

Spectrum Analysis

  • Real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA)
  • Analog demodulation
  • Interference hunting
  • IQ analyzer
antenna analyzer 2 port s parameters software screenshot

Cable and Antenna Testing (CAT)

  • Vector network analysis (VNA)
  • 2 port S-parameters
  • TDR Cable Measurements
RTSA Interference hunting on FieldFox Handheld RF Analyzer

5G / LTE Field Testing

  • EMF Measurements
  • Over-the-air (OTA) testing
  • Channel Scanner
  • Wideband Analysis
Pulse Measurement with USB Peak Power Sensor software

Power Measurements

  • USB Power Sensor Measurements
  • Built-in Power Meter
  • Pulse Measurements
  • Peak Power Sensor
RF Analyzer Indoor and Outdoor Mapping for data collection


  • Remote Control
  • GPS Receiver
  • Indoor/Outdoor Mapping
  • DC Bias Variable Voltage Source

What's New With FieldFox Handheld RF Analyzers?

Easily capture signals with FieldFox handheld spectrum analyzers

Interference Hunting

Identify and locate the source of unwanted emitters and interfering signals with real-time spectrum analysis.

Control you spectrum by pairing Keysight Spectrum Management Software with FieldFox handheld RF analyzers

Keysight Spectrum Monitoring Software (KSMS)

Control your spectrum, measure utilization, and identify interference, all in a single platform.

Hunt down elusive signals with FieldFox handheld RF analyzers

Fox Hunt

Join this 9-part video series on hunting down elusive signals in the field with the FieldFox handheld RF analyzer.

Woman in keysight lab with FieldFox handheld RF analyzer and EMF antenna

5G Field Testing Course

Explore path loss, electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements, and 5G NR over-the-air (OTA) demodulation with RTSA.

Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) solution using three FieldFox RF analyzers and KSMS software

Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) with KSMS

TDOA is an emerging directional finding technique providing accurate results with as little as ten meters of uncertainty.

Using this direction finding method, several FieldFox RF analyzers in separate geographical locations with synchronized GPS signals can determine the location of an unknown signal source.

Detect, locate, and mitigate interference issues.

Real-Time Spectrum Analysis At Your Fingertips

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FieldFox Handheld RF Analyzer FAQs

FieldFox is the industry's first 50 GHz handheld RF analyzer. The Swiss army knife of electrical measurement, FieldFox functions as a vector network analyzer (VNA), cable and antenna analyzer (CAT), spectrum analyzer (SA), or an all-in-one combination RF analyzer.

An RF analyzer is a test instrument capable of combining vector network analysis, spectrum analysis, and cable and antenna testing of radio frequency signals. Network analysis characterizes the response of a device or circuit to RF signals, while spectrum analysis measures the frequency, power, and noise of a signal. Analyzers treat the device under test (DUT) as an electrical network to measure how the DUT alters radio frequency signals through interaction.

RF analyzers provide spectrum and network analysis on RF devices and the characterization of parameters such as:

  • RF signal amplitude at different frequencies
  • scattering parameters (S-parameters)
  • impedance of the overall network
  • gain in RF signal power
  • return and insertion losses
  • signal phase shifts


FieldFox provides benchtop accuracy in a portable package. Built to withstand your toughest working environments, FieldFox is rugged enough to meet MIL specs and enables 5G, satellite, and radar operators to make true RF coverage measurements up to 54 GHz and beyond. Lightweight, rugged, and portable, FieldFox is ready to meet your RF test needs. For more information on the world’s most integrated handheld analyzer, see our technical overview.

Network analyzers verify the performance of various components such as antennas, amplifiers, cables, and many other active or passive devices. Network analyzers tend to be sensitive equipment, but many network measurements involve devices that live outside the laboratory. Because of this, having a handheld analyzer to carry with you into the field is extremely valuable.

Yes, you can configure FieldFox as a cable and antenna analyzer (CAT), vector network analyzer (VNA), spectrum analyzer (SA), or an all-in-one combination RF analyzer. With the FieldFox, you can make 5G field test measurements with wide analysis bandwidth up to 120 MHz.

The key network analyzer functions of FieldFox are pulse measurements, TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry), cable measurements, QuickCal, and full 2-port S-parameters.

There are six essential field tests for 5G networks. These include (1) path loss characterization; (2) base station coverage testing; (3) component carrier power measurements; (4) over-the-air control channel coverage testing; (5) network quality and beam performance verification; and (6) EMF exposure evaluation. To learn more about using FieldFox to perform 5G field testing, check out our eBook: Essential 5G Field Tests or view this short course: How to test 5G networks in the field.  

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