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Certified Calibration From the OEM

Get It Right. From the Start.

When buying from us, you choose used equipment without compromising on quality or reliability. That is why you should trust us to calibrate your equipment before we ship it. After all what is the value of the best instrument if it is out-of-spec?

“Not every calibration provider guarantees accurate measurements. Play it safe and let us calibrate your instrument before we ship it.”

Oliver Wittig
Global eBusiness Manager
Keysight Used Equipment Store

50 %

of companies experienced project delays due to out of calibration equipment


of companies reported issues due to calibration and setup, instrument misuse, or equipment failures

Global survey by Keysight, 2019

Application Note
Reduce Risk with a Better Measurement Process

Avoid Risks

Data from 10 calibration service providers show all but one tested performance of less than 50% of the instrument’s specifications – in some cases, testing was less than 25%. If your tests rely on key critical specifications that are missed during calibration, your test equipment is likely out-of-specification. And you can no longer trust your test results. This uncertainty puts your reputation at enormous risk.

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