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6 Reasons to Buy a Used vs New E5071C Vector Network Analyzer

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Picture this: You're in the middle of a critical project and your vector network analyzer calls it quits. The clock is ticking, and waiting for a new unit to arrive isn't an option. A colleague recommends Keysight's Premium Used line, promising quick delivery in under 2 weeks, but you're skeptical. "Refurbished equipment, really?"

If you've ever had doubts about the reliability or performance of used equipment, you're not alone. That's why this article aims to debunk common misconceptions and provides six solid reasons why a used E5071C Vector Network Analyzer could be your project's lifeline. Let's dive in and reveal the surprising benefits of choosing used over new.

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  • Like-new Condition
  • Updated Firmware
  • Full Calibration
  • New Accessories
  • Like-new Warranty
  • Customization possible

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  • Savings of up to 90%
  • Working Condition
  • Calibrated or Tested
  • 30-Day Right-of-Return
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  • Shipping to limited countries

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Variety in Used Equipment – Exploring 'Used' vs 'Premium Used'

When choosing a used vector network analyzer, it's crucial to understand the differences between 'used' and 'premium used' equipment. Here's what you need to know:

Used vs Premium Used: Clearing the Confusion

 Keysight Premium UsedKeysight Used
SavingsUp to 70% offUp to 90% off
ConditionLike newWorking condition
FirmwareUpdatedAs is
CalibrationFullAs listed
AccessoriesNewAs listed
WarrantyUp to 5 years90 days

Reason 1: Thorough Refurbishment – More Than Just a Touch-up

Purchasing Keysight premium used equipment provides you with near-new quality while offering savings of up to 70%. Each unit is meticulously refurbished at Keysight's factory, which also manufactures and tests new products. These refurbished items are subject to the same comprehensive testing and calibration protocols as new products, ensuring they meet Keysight's stringent quality standards.

The refurbishment process for any vector network analyzer involves the following steps:

  1. Used unit arrives: The used unit arrives at Keysight’s largest manufacturing site in Penang, Malaysia.
  2. Condition check: Upon arrival, the unit undergoes a thorough initial inspection to assess its condition.
  3. Comprehensive cleaning: The unit is deeply cleaned using specific vacuum-based technology. Any components that cannot be cleaned are replaced.
  4. Update to latest firmware and software: After verifying its performance, the unit is updated to the latest compatible firmware and software.
  5. Customization process: The unit is customized according to customer orders; hardware options, applications, or software options are added or removed.
  6. Calibration and safety tests: The unit undergoes calibration and safety tests to ensure it meets Keysight's quality standards.
  7. Original manuals and accessories: The unit is equipped with the same brand-new accessories and manuals that come with a new Keysight instrument.
  8. Final 101-point inspection: Before shipping, each instrument undergoes a performance verification and a final 101-point quality check.
  9. Standard like-new warranty: Each factory-refurbished unit is backed by the same warranty as a new Keysight instrument.
  10. Unit packed and shipped to customer: The instrument and its accessories are carefully packed and shipped to the customer.

This rigorous refurbishment process ensures that each Keysight Premium Used E5071C vector network analyzer performs at the same high level as a brand-new unit while offering considerable cost savings.

Reason 2: The 'Like New' Guarantee – Ensuring Quality and Aesthetics

When it comes to professional equipment, the term 'like new' signifies more than just functional efficiency—it's a guarantee of uncompromised quality, reliability, and aesthetic appeal.

In the realm of used equipment, 'like new' is an assurance that the device has been restored to its original condition in terms of performance and aesthetics. This is especially true for Keysight premium used equipment. Each unit is carefully refurbished and thoroughly tested to make sure it meets the same standards as new devices.

Each step in the refurbishment process contributes to the 'like new' guarantee. The comprehensive cleaning process restores the original shine, and any cosmetic damage or signs of wear and tear are addressed. Components that cannot be cleaned or repaired are replaced, and the unit is updated with the latest firmware and software, ensuring its functional efficiency matches that of a new unit.

Reason 3: The Keysight Assurance – Quality, Support, and Warranty

Keysight's commitment to excellence is evident in the quality assurance measures they implement for their used equipment. Their stringent processes ensure that every unit, whether it's new or refurbished, meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

E5071C Quality Assurance: Our Commitment to Excellence

At Keysight, quality assurance is not just a promise, but a commitment that involves a series of rigorous checks and measures. Here are just some of the 101 point checklist items to ensure the top-tier quality of its used equipment:

  • Certificate of Calibration (CoC): Every Analyzer comes with a CoC, assuring you that it has been calibrated to provide accurate and reliable readings.
  • Certificate of Functional Test (FTC): The FTC confirms that the analyzer has undergone rigorous functional tests and has passed them, affirming its operational integrity.
  • Certificate of Operational Verification: This certificate verifies that the analyzer's operations have been checked according to Keysight's standards.
  • Physical inspection: The power line switch, keys, knobs, and the front panel are checked to ensure they are in good condition and correctly assembled. 
  • Cables and connectors: The jumper cable and protector, along with the ground connector, LED, LAN port, USB port, and other connectors, are inspected to ensure they are in good condition.
  • Fasteners: All RF, BNC, GPIB, and other screws are checked to ensure they are present and correctly fastened.
  • Default mode inspection: The analyzer is checked in its default mode to ensure all functions perform as expected.
  • Instrument noise check: The noise level of the analyzer, including the fan noise, is checked to ensure it is within specification.
  • Display and lights: The condition of the display, LED, and other lights are inspected to ensure they are functioning properly and are in good condition.

Reason 4: Faster Shipping – Get Your Projects Completed on Time

One of the overlooked advantages of buying used equipment is the reduced lead time. With brand-new equipment, the manufacturing process might result in lengthy wait times. This can be especially troublesome when you're racing against the clock to meet project deadlines.

However, with used analyzers, the unit is already constructed and ready to go. After undergoing a thorough refurbishment process and rigorous quality checks, the device is packed and shipped promptly.

This swift turnaround time means that engineers can receive their analyzer in a shorter time frame, helping to keep their projects on track. In today's fast-paced world, this advantage can prove crucial, allowing you to complete your projects on time without compromising the quality of your equipment.

Reason 5: Transparency and Trust

When it comes to used equipment, many harbor the misconception that it can't match the quality of new devices. This simply is not true. Consider the following reasons why.

Quality Concerns: Dispelling the Myths

At Keysight, a used vector network analyzer is not just an older piece of equipment; it's a unit that has been restored to near-original condition through a meticulous refurbishment process. The device goes through: 

  • Extensive cleaning
  • Hardware and software updates
  • Customization based on customer requirements
  • Calibration
  • Final 101-point inspection

Each unit is subjected to rigorous quality assurance measures, ensuring that the analyzer is functionally and aesthetically 'like new.' This painstaking process ensures that Keysight used equipment matches the performance, reliability, and appearance of a brand-new unit. So, when you purchase a used network analyzer from Keysight, you're not compromising on quality; you're simply making a smarter financial choice.

Source Concerns: Know the Origin of Your Equipment

You might wonder, where does the used equipment come from? The answer varies, but the majority of used equipment originates from ex-demo units. These are akin to test-drive cars at dealerships—used for a brief period but still maintained in excellent condition.

Ex-demo units, for instance, are often utilized for a short time before being meticulously refurbished for the next user. Just as a test-driven car still has much of its life ahead, an ex-demo analyzer has ample operational lifespan left, despite its brief period of initial use.

Your Keysight account manager can provide information about the unit's history, offering further assurance about the source and history of your used analyzer. Understanding the origin of your equipment fosters transparency and trust in your purchase decision.

Aesthetic Concerns: Proudly Show Off Your Equipment

As an engineer, you want your equipment to work well and look good. After all, there's pride in having gear that's not only reliable but also neat and clean. You might be wondering, "Do used items meet that standard?" Absolutely!

At Keysight, used analyzers don't just undergo a technical makeover; they receive an aesthetic overhaul too. They're cleaned, updated, and checked to make sure they look as good as new. So, when you buy a used analyzer, you're not getting a device that looks "second-hand." Instead, it's a piece of equipment that you can proudly show off to colleagues and clients.

Choose refurbished equipment and be confident in your decision to use a premium used E5071C Vector Network Analyzer. Not only is it a smart and cost-effective choice, but it also contributes to a more sustainable future. 

Get Your Used E5071C Vector Network Analyzer Now and Accelerate Your Project’s Success

  • Like-new Condition
  • Updated Firmware
  • Full Calibration
  • New Accessories
  • Like-new Warranty
  • Customization possible

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  • Savings of up to 90%
  • Working Condition
  • Calibrated or Tested
  • 30-Day Right-of-Return
  • No Customization
  • Shipping to limited countries

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Reason 6: Environmental Impact: Sustainability in Practice

In today's world, sustainability isn't just a buzzword—it's a critical part of how we need to do business. Choosing to purchase a used E5071C Vector Network Analyzer contributes positively to this environmental effort.

Every used unit has a longer lifecycle, which means fewer devices end up in landfills. This not only reduces waste but also curbs the demand for manufacturing new units, conserving resources and energy.

Buying used is, in essence, a form of reusing—giving a second life to a perfectly good piece of equipment. You're making a choice that benefits not only your operations and finances but also the planet. It's a practical and impactful way to put sustainability into action.

Wrapping Up: The Benefits of Used Equipment

Investing in a used E5071C Vector Network Analyzer is a decision packed with benefits. 

  1. You receive a device that's been rigorously refurbished and quality-checked, ensuring a 'like-new' experience both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.
  2. Used equipment is ready to ship, aiding in timely project completion. The transparency of the process, right from its origin to its refurbishment, fosters trust. 
  3. Choosing to buy used is a financially savvy decision. It allows you to own an impressive piece of technology at a fraction of the cost.
  4. By giving a second life to used equipment, you're making a substantial contribution towards sustainability—a practice we all need to adopt in today's world.

Final Takeaway: Make the Strategic Move

Choosing to purchase a used E5071C Vector Network Analyzer isn't just a purchase; it's a strategic move. It blends reliability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability in one smart package, allowing you to fast-track your projects without compromising on quality.

"Achieve More, Spend Less: Supercharge Your Projects with a Used E5071C Network Analyzer."

By choosing used, you're selecting a tool that's not only high-performing but also one you can proudly display— a testament to your savvy decision-making. So, make the choice that benefits you, your projects, and the planet—choose a used E5071C Vector Network Analyzer.

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