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8 Reasons to Buy Used vs New E5080B ENA Vector Network Analyzer

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As an engineer looking for a VNA (Vector Network Analyzer), you might be weighing whether to go for a new or used piece of equipment. Will a used analyzer perform as well as a new one? What if the machine doesn’t work as expected? 

These concerns are totally understandable, especially when the budget's tight, and you've heard that used gear doesn't perform as well as new. But is that really the case? 

Let’s take a closer look and see why choosing a used E5080B ENA Vector Network Analyzer might actually be a smart and reliable option.

Comparative Analysis: New vs. Used vs. Premium Used vs. Other Providers

If you’re shopping for an E5080B ENA Vector Network Analyzer, you have several options: buy new, standard used, premium used from Keysight, and used from other providers. 
Here’s a breakdown to help illustrate why the Keysight Premium Used offers the best value compared to the competition.

FeatureNewUsedPremium Used (Keysight)Other Providers
ConditionBrand newVariesLike newVaries
RefurbishmentNot applicableNoneFully refurbishedRarely
Firmware/SoftwareLatestAs-isLatest compatibleAs-is
CustomizationAvailableNoneConfigured to orderNone
CalibrationStandardNoneTo original specsSeldom
WarrantyFullLimited or noneLike-new warrantyLimited or none
Technical SupportFull supportLimitedFull supportLimited
Accessories & ManualsIncludedOptionalOriginal items includedRarely

Reason 1: Buying Used Saves You Money

Opting for used equipment is a wise financial decision. It reduces your initial investment, and helps preserve the value of your equipment over time. Let’s explore the benefits in more detail.

Significant Price Difference

Purchasing a used unit can lead to substantial savings.

  • Cost efficiency: You can save between 30% to 70% by opting for a used analyzer. This significant price difference makes high-quality equipment accessible even on a tight budget.
  • Better purchasing power: These savings open up opportunities to buy additional equipment or upgrades, increasing your operational capacity without stretching your financial resources.

Get Your E5080B At A Great Discount (Limited Availability)

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  • Full Calibration
  • New Accessories
  • Like-new Warranty
  • Customization possible

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Depreciation Benefits

Buying used saves you from the steep depreciation typical of new electronics.

  • Avoid immediate depreciation: New tech products can lose up to 40% of their value in the first year. By choosing used, you sidestep this hefty financial hit.
  • Long-term value retention: Avoiding initial depreciation means the equipment retains more of its value, which is beneficial if you plan to trade-in or re-sell in the future.

Purchasing used equipment helps manage budgets more effectively and maintains the value of your investments longer.

Reason 2: Guaranteed Quality with Every Purchase

When you invest in a used Vector Network Analyzer, you’re not just buying a piece of equipment; you’re buying a promise of quality and reliability. This guarantee comes from stringent testing and meticulous refurbishment processes that ensure each unit meets high standards.

Rigorous Testing Standards

Each used unit undergoes a series of comprehensive testing procedures to make sure it performs to original specifications. Here's what that entails:

  • Extensive functionality checks: Every function and feature is thoroughly tested to ensure operational excellence, mirroring the performance expected of new equipment.
  • Component verification: Critical components are inspected and tested individually, ensuring they meet the required performance metrics without compromise.
  • Ex-demo quality: Many of our premium used analyzers are ex-demonstration units, which means they have primarily been used in controlled environments.

These rigorous testing standards help maintain a high level of quality, offering you peace of mind that the used equipment is as reliable as its new counterpart.

The 'Like New' Promise

The condition of certified pre-owned units is something we take seriously. We make every effort to make sure they are in like’ new condition.

  • Cosmetic condition: Each unit is meticulously cleaned and inspected. Any cosmetic wear is minimal, ensuring that the equipment looks professional in any setting.
  • Functional reliability: Functionality isn’t just restored; it’s guaranteed to match the factory settings of a new unit. This means all software updates are applied, and any worn parts are replaced with original manufacturer components.
  • Complete accessories and manuals: Just like buying new, our certified pre-owned units come complete with all original accessories and manuals, leaving no aspect of operation or appearance compromised.

“All our equipment is Premium Used. I don’t like to call it just “used”, because it’s so much more than used equipment.” – Keysight Account Manager

This 'Like New' promise ensures that when you choose a certified pre-owned E5080B, you’re receiving a unit that stands up not only in performance but also in appearance and overall quality. Each piece is a testament to the durability and longevity that Keysight equipment is known for.

Reason 3: We Offer Customized Solutions for Your Needs

One of the significant advantages of opting for a used equipment is the potential for customization. Whether you need specific modifications or upgrades, used analyzers often come with these enhancements, or you have the option to add them, aligning the equipment precisely with your operational requirements. Here’s how customization plays a key role:

  • Tailored functionality: Depending on your specific testing requirements, you can choose to add or modify hardware and software options. This means the analyzer you purchase is already optimized for your tasks.
  • Pre-installed upgrades: Many used units come with valuable upgrades that previous owners have installed, which can include advanced testing capabilities or enhanced data processing features.
  • Cost-effective customization: Opting for a used unit with customization can be significantly more cost-effective than purchasing a new unit and then paying for additional modifications.

When you choose a used analyzer that can be customized or already includes modifications, you save on the initial cost and avoid the extra time and resources that would be needed to upgrade a new unit. This approach makes financial sense and ensures that the equipment you invest in is perfectly suited to meet your needs from day one.

Reason 4: OEM Refurbishment Offers Like-New Quality

When you choose a refurbished E5080B, you're not just getting a unit that looks good on the outside. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) refurbishment is a comprehensive process that ensures each unit meets the same high standards as a brand-new one, both in appearance and performance. Here's what the refurbishment process at Keysight involves.

Beyond Surface-Level Refurbishments
OEM refurbishment goes far deeper than mere cosmetic touch-ups. It includes a thorough overhaul of hardware and software, ensuring everything is up-to-date and functioning as if it were new. Here are the key steps in the refurbishment process.

Check & Preparation

1. Used unit arrives: Each unit arrives at Keysight’s largest manufacturing site in Penang, Malaysia.

2. Condition check: The unit undergoes a rigorous initial inspection to assess its overall condition.

3. Comprehensive cleaning: A detailed cleaning process using vacuum-based technology is used, and any component that cannot be cleaned is replaced.

Configure & Update

4. Update to latest firmware and software: The unit is updated to ensure it runs the latest compatible firmware and software.

5. Customization process: Hardware options, applications, and software options are added or removed according to customer orders.

6. Calibration and safety tests: Calibration and comprehensive safety tests are performed to guarantee precision and safety.

Accessories and Final Check

7. Original manuals and accessories: New accessories and manuals, identical to those provided with new instruments, are included.

8. Final 101-point inspection: Each unit undergoes a final 101-point quality check to ensure it meets Keysight’s stringent standards.

9. Standard like-new warranty: The refurbished unit comes with the same warranty as a new Keysight instrument, providing additional peace of mind.

Shipped to Customer

10. Unit packed and shipped to customer: The instrument and its accessories are carefully packed and shipped, ready for immediate use upon arrival.

This thorough and meticulous refurbishment process ensures that every OEM-refurbished unit delivers performance and reliability that rivals that of a new instrument. This process makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for dependable, high-quality equipment.

Reason 5: Comprehensive Warranty and Support for Peace of Mind

A used Vector Network Analyzer comes with robust warranty and support options that ensure you can operate your equipment with complete confidence. Here are the benefits of the comprehensive coverage you receive.

Extended Warranty Plans (KeysightCare) 
We are confident in the quality of our used equipment, which is why we offer extended warranty plans that cover repairs anywhere and anytime.

  • Lower costs: Enjoy up to 70% savings compared to the cost of one unplanned repair.
  • Hassle-free process: No need for administrative hassles or purchase orders.
  • Minimal downtime: Expedited service ensures less downtime compared to per-incident repairs.
  • OEM quality: Repairs use genuine Keysight parts from the original manufacturers.
  • Global coverage: Warranty coverage is transferable anywhere in the world.
  • Predictable expenses: Guard against unplanned expenses and inflation with price protection.

Technical Support With KeysightCare
Our support goes beyond troubleshooting to help you achieve better test results faster.

  • 24/7 Self-help and expert access: Through our KeysightCare service, access our support portal anytime and consult with experienced experts.
  • Keysight knowledge center: Save time and boost productivity with resources like technical articles, how-to videos, and proactive case management.

This combination of extended warranty and comprehensive support provides peace of mind, allowing you to leverage the full potential of your used E5080B with the guarantee that help is always there. Whether you’re setting up complex tests or need quick answers to pressing questions, our dedicated experts and extensive resources ensure that your equipment consistently performs at its best.

Reason 6: Make an Eco-Friendly Choice

Choosing a used E5080B is not only a financially savvy decision but also a step towards more sustainable practices in the tech industry. Here’s how opting for used equipment contributes to environmental conservation.

Reduction in Electronic Waste

When you purchase a used analyzer, you directly contribute to reducing electronic waste, one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

  • Sustainable consumption: Buying used promotes a culture of reusing and recycling, extending the life cycle of electronic devices and preventing useful technologies from becoming landfill waste prematurely.
  • Resource efficiency: It maximizes the value extracted from already mined and processed materials, reducing the demand for new raw resources which often have high environmental extraction costs.

These actions support a more sustainable consumption model, encouraging the tech industry and its consumers to think about the long-term impacts of their purchasing decisions on the planet.

Energy Conservation

Opting for used equipment also plays a significant role in conserving energy.

  • Reduced manufacturing demand: Each time a used unit is purchased, there's one less new unit that needs to be manufactured. Since the production of new electronics is energy-intensive, buying used significantly cuts down on energy consumption.
  • Lower overall carbon footprint: The total energy required to refurbish and recondition existing equipment is considerably less than that needed to produce a new one, contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

When you choose used equipment, you are making a cost-effective decision and voting for a greener future. This choice helps cut down on both e-waste and energy use, paving the way for a more sustainable tech industry. 

These benefits make it clear that opting for used equipment can be a pivotal part of your environmental responsibility efforts, allowing you to enjoy high-tech solutions while also caring for our planet.

Reason 7: You Will Get Your Equipment Faster with More Options

When sourcing equipment, the advantages of choosing used extend beyond cost and quality to include faster availability and access to a broader range of options. This can significantly impact project timelines and overall efficiency.

Expedited Shipping for Project Efficiency

The ability to receive equipment quickly is crucial in maintaining project schedules and meeting deadlines.

  • Shorter lead times: Used equipment typically comes with much shorter lead times. While new units might take weeks to ship due to manufacturing and processing delays, used units are often ready to ship within just a couple of weeks.
  • Immediate availability: Used equipment is already manufactured and, after refurbishment, ready to go. This immediate availability can be a project-saver, especially when tight deadlines loom.

Our account managers highlight that customers choose used equipment for the cost savings and for the quick turnaround time. “Customers come to us and buy used because they get premium Keysight quality, with a lower price, and we ship [many units] within 2 weeks. New equipment right now takes up to 14 weeks to ship.”

Availability of Discontinued Models

Sometimes, specific projects require equipment that is no longer being produced.

  • Access to legacy technology: The used market is an excellent resource for finding discontinued or hard-to-find models that are no longer available as new units.
  • Continued support: Even for models that are out of production, purchasing used often comes with support and maintenance options, ensuring they serve your needs effectively.

The ability to source such equipment quickly and efficiently keeps your projects on track and ensures compatibility with existing systems. 

Reason 8: Trust and Transparency with Every Transaction

In the resale market for high-tech equipment like the E5080B, transparency is crucial in building buyer confidence. Trusted vendors like Keysight set themselves apart by providing comprehensive histories and detailed condition reports for each piece of used equipment. Here’s how you can identify a trustworthy provider:

  1. Detailed equipment histories: A reliable vendor will provide a full history of the equipment, including past usage, repairs, and any refurbishments.
  2. Accurate condition reports: Expect thorough and honest reports on the equipment’s current condition, including any cosmetic imperfections and functionality tests.
  3. Transparent pricing: Transparent pricing without hidden fees is a hallmark of trustworthy vendors, ensuring you know exactly what you are paying for.
  4. Clear warranty and return policies: Trusted providers offer clear information on warranty coverage and return policies, making it easy for you to understand your rights and protections as a buyer.

Choosing a vendor that embodies these traits ensures a secure purchase and fosters a relationship based on trust and reliability, crucial for long-term business engagements.

Enhance Your Projects with a Cost-Effective, High-Quality E5080B Analyzer

As you weigh the pros and cons of new versus used equipment, it's understandable to question whether used equipment can meet the demands of your projects. But as we've discussed, choosing used addresses all of these concerns and offers many benefits that make it a smart choice for any engineer.

Opting for a used analyzer allows you to leverage significant cost savings, often ranging from 30% to 70%, without compromising on quality. 

Each unit undergoes rigorous testing and refurbishment to ensure it meets original specifications—meaning you receive a product that performs just like a new one. 

The quick availability of used equipment allows you to keep your projects on schedule, avoiding the delays often associated with ordering new units.

By investing in a used E5080B ENA from Keysight, you get a reliable, high-performing analyzer at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. You get the peace of mind of comprehensive warranties and support, ensuring that your investment is protected. 

So, take the smart step towards optimizing your lab’s capabilities and budget with Keysight’s Premium Used equipment.

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  • Like-new Warranty
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  • Calibrated or Tested
  • 30-Day Right-of-Return
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