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Keysight Premium Used

Used Has Never Been So New!

When you buy something used, you expect to make compromises. Not with Keysight Premium Used! Our program offers meticulously refurbished Keysight instruments, rigorously restored to deliver performance that rivals brand new. We back this up with extended warranties and expert technical support, providing the same peace of mind you receive with new Keysight equipment. This drives compromises to zero.

See our refurbishment process

Why Choose Premium Used?

As the OEM, we possess the expertise and resources to achieve 100% Keysight quality in our refurbished instruments. Keysight Premium Used is more than used equipment, it is like-new Keysight performance at a fraction of the cost.

Like New

Fully refurbished at the same site that manufactures our new equipment

Latest Firmware and Software

Every unit is updated to the latest compatible firmware and software

Customized to Order

Hardware/software options and applications, are configured to order

Calibrated to Specs

Every unit is calibrated and tested for safety.

Original Manuals & Accessories

The same brand new accessories and manuals as a new instrument

Like-New Warranty

Premium Used models come with the same warranty as a new instrument

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Refurbishment Process

Witness the comprehensive refurbishment of Keysight Premium Used equipment at the same site that manufactures our new instruments, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Refurbishment Process

Buy like-new quality equipment while saving up to 70%. Keysight Premium Used equipment is refurbished at the factory that also manufactures and tests new products and has to pass the same comprehensive test and calibration in order to meet Keysight's quality standards.

Used Unit Arrives

The used unit arrives at Keysight’s largest manufacturing site in Penang, Malaysia.

Condition Check

After arrival, the used unit undergoes a thorough initial inspection to check its condition.

Comprehensive Cleaning

In-depth cleaning with specific vacuum-based technology. What can’t be cleaned is replaced.

Update to Latest Firm- & Software

After verifying its performance the unit is updated to the latest compatible firmware and software.¹


Hardware options, applications, or software options are added or removed according to customer order.

Calibration and Safety Tests

The unit gets calibrated and safety tests are performed.

Original Manuals & Accessories

The unit receives the same brand new accessories and manuals as a new Keysight instrument.

Final 101-Point Inspection

Before leaving, each instrument goes through a performance verification and a final 101-point quality check.

Like-New Warranty

The factory refurbished unit receives the same warranty as a new Keysight instrument.²

Unit Packed and Shipped to Customer

The instrument and its accessories are carefully packed and shipped to the customer.

  1. Operating system software is updated or patched but not upgraded. For more information regarding this, please consult your Keysight sales representative.
  2. Varies by model and region.

“How you can tell that it is used? By the Keysight Premium Used sticker and the price tag.”

Oliver Wittig
Global eBusiness Manager
Keysight Used Equipment Store

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