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Keysight Used Equipment Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find your answer or need further assitance on anything, please contact

Useful information about our store

What to do if I have any questions about used equipment from Keysight?

Use the Contact Us feature for your question, your general inquiries will be routed within Keysight sales contact or authorized partner responsible for your region. Depending on the country and question, please allow a few days for a response.

The Keysight store on Alibaba has an online chat feature which is staffed during business hours in China.

If you do not receive a timely response, please contact for help.

Used equipment disclaimers

Used equipment availability, pricing and configuration are subject to change without notice. Unlike new equipment, it cannot be built or configured to demand. Please be aware that by the time you come back to this website or are contacted by Keysight or an authorized partner the availability may have changed.

Please note the particular disclaimers vary between webpages; especially on the product offer pages. Thank You.

Product and Configuration

What are the main differences between Keysight New, Keysight Premium Used & Keysight Used equipment?

  Keysight New Keysight Premium Used Keysight Used
Savings None Up to 70% Up to 90%
Condition New Like New Working Condition ¹
Firmware Latest Updated As is
Calibration Full Full As listed
Accessories New New As listed
Warranty 1 to 5 Years ² Like New 90 Days Warranty
Customization Possible Possible Limited

Learn more about Keysight Premium Used Here

Can I configure a unit to meet my personal needs?

Customization is generally possible with our Keysight Premium Used equipment. The majority of our Keysight Premium Used equipment can be configured just the way you need it. Options can be added at additional cost.
Customizing Keysight Premium Used equipment might change the delivery and lead time of the item.

Some Keysight Used products cannot be customized. Use the contact option on the product page to check with the our eStore team.

What accessories are included?

Keysight Premium Used equipment typically comes with the same accessories and warranty as new products.

Can you include other accessories?

We currently only offer those accessories which are part of the listing. Other accessories can be purchased separately at extra cost with your purchase of a Keysight Used or Keysight Premium Used unit.

Please mention in the comment field which additional accessories or support you are interested in.

For seperate or post-purchase ordering, please contact your local Keysight office or Keysight Partner here. Or check our online store if available for your region here.

Availability and Quantities

Where does Keysight's used equipment come from?

Our used equipment mostly comes from our worldwide pool of demonstration units and back to us through the many Keysight Trade-In offers. Learn more in the video below.

Can't find what you were looking for or need higher quantities?

If you are looking for a specific model that is not currently shown or you need higher quantities on any of the listed models, you can send us a message. We will check our inventory and try and accommodate your requirements, however we cannot offer any guarantees of availability.

Quoting and Ordering

Who can buy from the Keysight Used Equipment Store?

If you are not yet a Keysight Used Equipment Store customer, Keysight is required to ensure the order is compliant with U.S. export requirements. Order acceptance is subject to the result of the screening process.

Please be advised that we can only offer our products and services for professional and industrial use only.

Does Keysight provide budgetary and official quotations?

For purchases from Keysight for Keysight Premium Used and Keysight Used offers:

If you need pricing information, for instance, via a budgetary quote, or if you need an official quote, your inquiry is forwarded to your Keysight sales representative or an authorized partner. They will contact you directly for any additional information they may need to service you.

If you know your sales contact at Keysight or an authroized partner, please provide a name or email in the comment field of your inquiry. This will help us to provide a quicker response.

Please contact us here.

Does the Keysight Used Equipment Store accept purchase orders instead of online orders?

We are aware that especially large corporations are required to purchase with an official Purchase Order (PO). Use the Contact option on the product offer page to find out how the Keysight Used Equipment Store team can support you with an offline purchase.

Payment and Delivery

Does Keysight offer financing?

Keysight offers a range of comprehensive financial solutions, which address the different operational and financial requirements you may have. Financing is not available for Keysight Used products.

With Keysight Instant Buy you can spread the price into monthly payments at 0% interest. Learn more here.

With Keysight Rent-to-Own you can rent now and decide later whether to buyout, extend, or return the equipment. Learn more here.

With Keysight Lease you will get access to leading test technologies with a financing plan to balance technology, time, and cost. Learn more here.

Which payment options are available?

For direct purchases from Keysight, or through an authorized partner, the standard terms & conditions apply.

Why does Keysight charge sales tax or VAT?

Keysight is registered in 45 US states and the District of Columbia to collect Sales & Use tax. For international orders where we ship DDP, we are required to collect VAT or GST.

I am Tax Exempt – What do I need to do?

For purchases on the Keysight Used Equipment Store: if you are a Tax Exempt customer – please inform us and send your tax exemption certificate to our email address Please note: single use tax exemptions are acceptable, but require the single use exemption information (permit number, tax status, etc.) to be clearly displayed on your purchase order (PO).

Your tax exemption certificate must be filled out completely and correctly, and the permit number must be clearly visible on the certificate. All tax exemption certificates must have reference to Keysight as the vendor for the state in which the exemption is being claimed. The company name on the tax exemption certificate must match the company name on PO number exactly. Please provide a description of goods if your tax exemption certificate form requires (Keysight sells Test & Measurement equipment, Electronic equipment & Parts, and Services/Support). All tax exemption certificates must be signed and dated to be valid.

Will I receive a Keysight invoice stating the paid sales tax or VAT?

Yes you will receive a Keysight invoice with separate sales tax or VAT amount.

What is the delivery time and method?

Our delivery time will depend on various factors like final configuration and ship-to location. For orders via the Keysight Used Equipment store ask your Keysight contact or please check with our eStores team.

Delivery method will depend on the model, geography and potential customs arrangements.