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EEsof EDA Advanced Design System


Advanced Design System

Powerful. Easy. Complete.

The Keysight Technologies, Inc.Advanced Design System (ADS) is the world’s leading electronic design automation (EDA) software for RF, microwave, and high speed digital applications.In a powerful and easy-to-use interface, ADS pioneers the most innovative and commercially successful technologies, such as X-parameters* and 3D EM simulators, used by leading companies in the wireless communication and networking and aerospace and defense industries.

For LTE-A, 802.11ac, PCI Express®, USB3, radar, and satellite applications, ADS provides full, standards-based design and verification with Wireless Libraries and circuit-system-EM co-simulation in an integrated platform.

The Industry’s leading technology, and much more

Only ADS offers a solution that combines schematic, layout, circuit, electro-thermal co-simulation and three full-wave 3D EM technologies for IC, package, laminate/PCB and 3D EM component co-design in a single-vendor, integrated platform solution that can dramatically improve productivity and significantly reduce costs.

To shorten your design cycles, ADS provides a huge amount of application-specific data.Over 300 examples cover everything from specific application circuits to tutorials on how to get the most out of ADS.DesignGuides integrate the experience and best practices of leading designers to provide you with wizards, pre-configured set-ups and displays, and step-by-step instructions for design applications, and give you easy access to the power of ADS from day one.

Design with Confidence

Anticipate success with fast, accurate, and easy first-pass simulations

ADS key highlights

-Complete set of fast, accurate and easy-to-use simulators enable first-pass design success

-Easy-to-use, application-specific DesignGuides encapsulate years of expertise

-Exclusively endorsed by leading industry and foundry partners

-Complete schematic capture and layout environment

-Innovative and industry-leading circuit and system simulators

-Direct, native access to 3D planar and full 3D EM field solvers

-Broadest RF and MW process design kit (PDK) coverage, endorsed by leading foundry and industry partners

-EDA and design flow integration with companies such as Cadence, Mentor and Zuken

-Optimization Cockpit for real-time feedback and control when using any of 12 powerful optimizers

-X-parameter model generation from circuit schematic and Keysight’s Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA) for nonlinear high--frequency design

-Up-to-date Wireless Libraries for design and verification of the emerging wireless standards

Design with Confidence (Continued)

Accelerate your design process with Keysight EDA foundry partners

Keysight EEsof EDA works closely with foundries to offer you high-frequency PDKs in Si, SiGe, GaAs, InP and GaN processes.

Complete front-to-back ADS PDKs, including DRC rules and Momentum stack-up files, for all GaAs, InP and GaN processes, as well as a broad range of SiGe and RF-CMOS processes are available.

Complete Design Flow

Create robust designs with first pass success and high yield

Innovative and industry-leading simulation technologies

Figure 1

-S-parameter linear frequency-domain simulator

-Harmonic balance nonlinear frequency- domain simulator

-Circuit envelope hybrid time-/ frequency- domain nonlinear simulator

-Transient/convolution time-domain simulator

-Momentum 3D planar EM simulator

-Finite Element full 3D EM simulator

-X-parameter generator simulator

-Signal Integrity Channel simulator

-Keysight Ptolemy system simulator

Post processing with data display

Figure 2

A powerful Data Display capability allows you to learn about your design’s performance by post-processing and analyzing the data without re-running simulation.Countless built-in functions simplify the process.For added flexibility, you can even write your own functions (e.g., for the creation of load-pull contours, gain circles or eye diagrams).

Optimizing your design

Figure 3

Once your initial design is done, ADS optimizers can further improve its nominal performance.The ADS optimization cockpit provides an interactive environment with multiple optimization variables, interactive tuning and progress controls.Using it, you can achieve optimal performance while gaining design insight into the optimized variables versus the goals.

Making your designs more robust

Figure 4

ADS features unique and easy-to-use statistical tools to pinpoint problems during design.Yield sensitivity histograms help identify the most sensitive design components and how best to set their specifications to improve manufacturing yield.


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