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BYOD Mitigation Starts in the WLAN


BYOD and anywhere, anytime connectivity is now the norm. The added expectation is being able to run any application from any device. While BYOD clearly has its upsides, it also poses risks to the enterprise when adopting a BYOD strategy. Performance, and the overall user experience, can only be as good as what the network can deliver. The WLAN ecosystem of access points (APs), controllers, and user/client devices themselves must all work in sync to sustain performance and predictability as the mix of devices and applications changes from day to day, or minute to minute. In this informative white paper, BYOD Mitigation Starts in the WLAN, Ixia subject matter experts take you through BYOD mitigation techniques and the importance of validating throughout development, and most importantly, before bringing new AP and controller designs to market to assess device performance and the impact on live networks.



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