Precision And High-Speed PXIe Source Measure Units (SMU)

The SMU is a source and measurement resource for test applications requiring high accuracy, high resolution, and measurement flexibility. An SMU can precisely source voltage or current and simultaneously measure voltage and current.

Keysight Technologies is the leader in SMU market. Keysight provides PXI SMU products, which are categorized into two areas: precision and high-speed. They offer high-throughput and measurement quality.

Our precision SMU provides the best in the industry precision performance to meet the requirements from essential low current DC measurements to emerging dynamic and pulsed measurements for the characterization and parametric/reliability tests of semiconductors, discrete devices, sensors, and more.

Keysight high-speed SMUs delivers industry-leading output stability under extreme, dynamic load conditions and unmatched transient performance to dramatically reduce voltage drop due to pulse loading for faster test time for design validation and production test of RF power amplifiers.

Overcoming LIV Test Challenges In 3D Sensor Testing

The adoption of 3D sensing technology in smartphones and automotive applications has brought to the forefront the need to effectively measure Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSEL) - a key component in this booming technology.

The M9602A/M9603A solve VCSEL test challenges below.

  • Prevent self-heating and device damage by fast rise time and 10 µs pulse width.
  • Reveal actual device behavior during narrow-pulse by 15 MSa/s sampling.
  • Quickly discharge trapped charges on junction capacitance in a short intervals between pulses by Laser Diode mode.
  • Reduce the measurement errors from cable inductance by Remote Voltage Measurement function and dedicated low-inductance cable.
  • Optimize the pulse shape quickly for various DUT impedance by tuning utility.
  • Get higher light power for integrated VCSEL arrays by wide-current and voltage range up to 10.5 A/6 V and 5 A/17 V at 120 µs pulse.
  • Synchronize LD and PD in narrow-pulse measurements by precise timing control.
  • Increase measurement channels for VCSEL array testing by scalable at a small footprint with SMU versatility, usability and flexibility.
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