Lightwave Component Analyzer

Lightwave Component Analyzer for Testing of Electro-Optical Components

The Lightwave Component Analyzer (LCA) is used to measure the linear electro-optic transmission and electrical reflection characteristics of a component as a function of modulation frequency. It is the instrument of choice to test all relevant opto-electronic S-parameters, like S21, S11 and, S22 for electro Optical components in 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s, Fibre Channel and CATV transmission systems as well as radio-over-fiber and A&D applications.

A Lightwave Component Analyzer measures electro-optical S21 responsivity of PIN Diodes, APD’s, LiNbO3, and electro-absorption modulators as well as modulated lasers.

Based on this measurement, the absolute responsivity, the 3-dB cutoff frequency and relative and absolute group delay can be determined with the LCA.

Key Benefits of Lightwave Component Analyzer

  • Compare measurement results from various locations through high absolute accuracy of responsivity measurements
  • Fast time to market with turn-key solution
  • High productivity through fast calibration and easy use
  • Excellent reliability through traceability to international standards
  • Versions for up to 110 GHz bandwidth with single-mode fiber and up to 50 GHz with multimode fiber

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