Keysight Elastic Network Generator

Cloud Peak virtual network infrastructure test

Containerized network infrastructure testing based on
Open Traffic Generator API

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  • Validate modern data center networks in a software world
  • Integrate with network emulation environments like KNE
  • Execute automated test scripts for repeatable validation
  • Create scripts based on open-source OTG API data model
  • Improve user experience with auto-generated client SDKs
  • Use preferred scripting language with snappi or gosnappi
  • Accelerate test execution with very fast API response time
  • Deploy a modular tool based on containers / microservices
  • Run tests in any Private Cloud or Public Cloud platform
  • Emulate key data center Layer 2-3 Control Plane protocols
  • Send Layer 2-3 Data Plane traffic with DPDK acceleration
  • Start exploring the capabilities with a free product version

Problem: Modern Data Center Networks Are Complex To Design And Operate

The continuous growth of public cloud adoption would not have been possible without the evolution of the underlying data center networks which are powering these clouds. The networks must transport very large amounts of data in a reliable and secure way in order to deliver the quality of service expected by end users.

But designing and operating a modern data center network is a complex task and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) must continuously validate the design choices and configuration changes in order to ensure seamless cloud operation and avoid costly outages. It is equally important for Network Equipment Manufacturer (NEM) suppliers to work closely with their CSP customers in order to deliver products that meet the data center network requirements. Collaboration between NEMs (software developers / quality engineers) and CSPs (network designers / site reliability engineers) is a critical factor contributing to the success of the public cloud.

What is the best way to foster collaboration while testing network devices, network designs, and network updates in a fast, reliable, and cost effective manner?

Solution: Digital Twin Network Emulation Accelerates Testing In A Software World

Cloud Peak NFVI validation

Keysight Elastic Network Generator is a key component of a new end-to-end network test platform based on open standards that enables testing and validation of network products, network designs, and network configurations in an emulated replica of a data center network. This new open platform provides a virtualized digital twin and containerized test tools to accelerate network validation without the need to utilize real network hardware for replicating physical network topologies in a lab.

The new open platform takes advantage of a cloud native emulated software environment to offer an opportunity to rapidly test and easily integrate with the DevTestOps workflow. It also enables collaboration between NEMs / CSPs by simplifying sharing of network test methodologies and use cases across different environments and even across different tools. This is made possible by leveraging a combination of vendor-neutral APIs and open-source solutions which are available on GitHub.

Keysight Elastic Network Generator is a software test tool that runs in any containerized environment and emulates key data center control plane protocols while also sending data plane traffic. It has a modern architecture based on micro-services and open-source interfaces and is designed for very fast automated test scenario execution. All of these characteristics contribute to validating data center networks that deliver a top quality of experience and fuel continued public cloud growth.

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