ENA Vector Network Analyzers

Drive down the cost of test

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The right mix of speed and performance

When you need to measure S-parameters, the right mix of speed and performance gives you an edge. Keysight ENA vector network analyzers provide affordable measurement integrity to help you transform a deeper understanding into a better design.

  • Create accurate, dependable test stations with high throughput, repeatability, and reliability
  • Streamline your measurement flow with an intuitive user interface to achieve better results in less time
  • Secure your assets with upgradable software and hardware
  • Perform linear and nonlinear device characterization
  • Conduct high-speed serial interconnect analysis with time domain, frequency domain, and eye diagram analysis
  • Upgrade for material measurements, power integrity analysis, and new applications
ENA Vector Network Analyzer

Drive down the cost of test

Increasing product complexity, tightly integrated designs, and the demand for higher manufacturing yields are challenges to address in production test. The dual challenge of reducing equipment maintenance cost while meeting product quality goals is undeniable, and there is only one way to win — reduce both the cost of ownership and the cost of test. 

The ENA vector network analyzer reduces the cost of ownership and the cost of test with its flexibility, reliability, and upgradability. To learn more, read the following application note. 

Simplify mixer characterization

It is difficult to characterize nonlinear devices such as mixers due to complex measurement setups and unwanted errors. Simplify your mixer characterization to increase your throughput with scalar mixer calibration (SMC) and vector-mixer calibration (VMC) on your ENA RF network anlyzer. These calibration techniques allow you to easily evaluate mixer parameters such as conversion loss, group delay, intermodulation distortion, and more. 

ENA rf network analyzer helps simplify mixer characterization

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