PXI Signal Conditioning

Modify analog signals to prepare for signal processing
High-Speed Digitizers and FPGA Development Kit

PXI Signal Conditioning

For RF and microwave measurements, PXI multi-channel signal conditioners modify an analog signal to meet the requirements of the next stage for signal processing. Signal conditioning examples include amplification, attenuation, converting, and filtering.

  • Modular and software-defined building blocks provide flexible system configurations to meet diverse test needs. 
  • Connector compatibility allows easy integration with other test and automation modules in PXIe Hybrid chassis, and the PXI form-factor conforms to government requirements for modular system design.
  • Reduced development time is enabled with included drivers, soft front panels and programming examples in LabVIEW, Lab Windows/CVI, Visual Studio® C, C++, C#, Visual Basic® and MATLAB®.
  • Single vendor solution facilitates integration and simplifies technical support.

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