The Keysight PXI digital IO modules cover a wide range of applications from system monitoring and relay control to IC design validation and automated test in manufacturing.

The Keysight M9187A Digital I/O provide static digital input and output channels which can be used in applications that require the monitoring of digital states and the controlling of external devices. These are typically used in aerospace/defense, automotive, and electronic test applications. The module offers configuration flexibility with programmable input thresholds and flexible output drive capability.

The Keysight M9195B PXIe Digital Stimulus/Response with PPMU (DSR) improves upon the Keysight M9195A PXIe Digital Stimulus/Response with PPMU (DSR); the M9195B PXIe DSR adds multi-module synchronization capabilities for systems up to 12 modules (192 channels).

The M9195A/B PXIe DSR provides 16 bi-directional digital channels with programmable logic levels and can be configured for synchronized, cyclized digital data for parametric measurements or for static digital IO. It is ideal for IC design validation and production test environments. The PXI DSR offers high configuration flexibility, multi-site capability and per-channel programming, including: per channel parametric measurements, programmable delay, and other high performance and time saving features and software tools, as well as external triggers and markers.

The optional Keysight M9192A DSR Pattern Editor Software and Keysight M9193A DSR Pattern Editor with Data Converters provide a complete set of vector translation and pattern validation software tools for the M9195A/B PXIe DSR. These tools enable design and test engineers to save time, cut costs, and dramatically decrease time to market. The M9192A is based upon the Solstice-TDS WaveMaker+ module from Test Systems Strategies Incorporated, (TSSI). It has been customized to support the M9195B with the addition of a DSR STIL In-converter and a DSR STIL Tester Bridge. This allows the system to read M9195A/B STIL files and display them graphically in the pattern editor. The user can then update pattern and timing information in single window. The M9193A combines both the pattern editor with several TSSI In-converter to make interfacing to digital design software easier.


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