• 16 channel digital stimulus/response with Per-channel Parametric Measurement Unit (PPMU)
  • Up to 250 MHz pattern rate, 125 Mvectors/channel memory
  • 1 ns, per-vector, edge placement resolution
  • Per-channel programmable stimulus/response compensation delay
  • Real-time compare
  • Multi-module synchronization for up to 12 modules (192 channels)
  • External triggers and markers

The Keysight M9195B PXIe digital stimulus/response (PXI DSR) module is ideal for IC design validation and production test environments. The PXI DSR provides 16 bi-directional digital channels with programmable logic levels and can be configured for synchronized cyclized digital data, for parametric measurements, or for static digital IO.

The PXI DSR offers high configuration flexibility, multi-site capability and per-channel programming, including per channel parametric measurements, programmable delay and other high performance and time saving features and software tools. The PXI DSR offers deep memory and the unique ability to create flexible waveform timing sets using high-level driver commands, edit as few as one single bit in a pattern, apply up to 1 ns resolution edge placement, and move pattern edges without the need to recompile.

Select from single-site and multi-site cables as well as proto typing board and cable for fast connection and test development.

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M9195B PXIe Digital Stimulus-Response

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