5G Channel Sounding, Reference Solution

The AP00000A Vehicle Spy software is a single tool for diagnostics, node and ECU simulation, data acquisition, automated testing, and vehicle network bus monitoring.

Key Applications

  • Bus Monitoring; view, save, and analyze message traffic from multiple networks simultaneously
  • Diagnostics; set up and execute custom scripts and diagnostic jobs with custom Graphical Panels
  • Data acquisition; Data logging with real-time signal views and post-analysis of data files 
  • Node simulation; network node simulation (often called restbus simulation)

Supported Networks and protocols

  • Networks: CAN, CAN FD, automotive Ethernet ,LIN, FlexRay ,K-Line
  • Protocols: Diagnostics over IP (DoIP), ISO14229 (UDS), GMLAN, CCP / XCP, ISO15765-2, J1939, J1979 (OBD)
  • Automotive Ethernet protocols:AVB / TSN (including PTP), TCP/IP Suite (IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, and more), Ethernet VLAN tagging 

Graphical panels and display options

  • Gauges, message panels, knobs, text boxes, buttons, and more. 
  • Users can also import custom pictures and animated components 
  • Post-analysis functions include multi-Y-axis, multi-X-axis, legends, copy to clipboard, multiple cursors, and much more.

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