A powerful simulation engine for both time and frequency domain phased array creation and analysis including beamforming and antenna pattern import.


The W4503E PathWave Phased Array Simulation includes:

  • Industry-leading phased array simulation speed and intuitive setup
  • Incorporate antenna patterns from Keysight EM software and 3rd party solvers
  • Supports both time- and frequency-domain phased array analysis

The W4503E Phased Array Simulation provides system architects in 5G, Radar/EW, and Satellite communications with the essential tools to evaluate phased array and beamforming subsystems, including RF, Digital, and Hybrid beamforming architectures. Consider RF nonlinear & noise effects, Gain/Phase quantization, and Monte Carlo variations effects on total beam quality, sidelobe levels, and effective radiated power. Also supports dynamic system-level scenarios with algorithms for adaptive beamforming.

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