• SP10T configuration, magnetic latching, terminated ports
  • opto-electronic indicator and current interrupts
  • superior isolation and voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)
  • TTL/5V CMOS compatible (optional)

The U7110C, DC to 26.5 GHz, SP10T multiport switch offers superior RF performance, which is necessary for higher performance test systems. The repeatability and reliability of this switch is vital to ATS measurement accuracy. With up to 10 RF ports, it can reduce the cost of ownership by reducing calibration cycles and allows multi-DUT or multi-channel DUT testing at the same time. The U7110C provides the long life and reliability required for automated test and measurement, signal monitoring, and routing applications. Highly repeatable switching capability is made possible through Keysight's rigorous design and tight manufacturing specification involving the test run of every single cycle of the switch, which ensures that RF performance is met.

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