Fully automated wafer and chip scale test solution for Integrated Photonics

Easily integrate wafer prober control within TAP test sequences

  • Test steps for optical and electrical probe positioning and alignment
  • Supporting array / single fiber probes, edge and surface coupling, RF/DC probes and flexible probe orientations (east/west/north/south)
  • Automated device stepping and prober status control
  • Measurement test plan and device data management (import / export /editing of device coordinates, device meta parameters and test conditions)

Supported Wafer Probers

KS8150A DMM Instrument PluginKeysight Test Automation on PathWave (TAP) is a modern Microsoft .NET-based application that can be used stand-alone or in combination with higher level test executive software environments. Instrument plugins provide test steps that can be added to work-flow sequences without needing to use instrument level programming commands. The N7700210C Wafer Prober plugin further simplifies automation by handling the interface to the Formfactor semi-automated probe station hardware and Formfactor Velox and Silicon Photonics Tools software. Test steps realize wafer chuck movement and probe positioning and alignment tasks within a test plan and can be combined with instrument test execution steps. Easy configuration of wafer prober settings for positioning, and for RF and optical probes are included in the test steps.


Keysight’s wafer prober sample test plan with prober steps


List of device elements and example of element optical IO port characteristics

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N7700210C Wafer Prober Plug-In

N7700210C Wafer Prober Plug-In

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